Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wacky Wednesday #53

I decided to teach our outside kitty (Yemen) how to use a digital camera. Or more accurately, I purchased a Pet's Eye View Camera and attached it to his collar. I set it to take one picture every minute.

"Does this camera make me look fat?"

I set the camera to take a picture every minute for 40 minutes. (40 pictures is the max it can hold at one time) When I plugged the camera in my computer, these are some of the gems I found...

Oh hey, Yemen is looking at the (now caged) bunnies.

Then he got hungry.

Oh there's our back door. Guess he was lonely and wanted attention.

Backyard and fort shot. Guess he didn't feel like venturing too far.

And he's back at the door. Still no attention from us.

Hiding in the bushes (still in our backyard)

Goes back to the door hoping for attention.

Gives up and decides to lounge with a view of our A/C units.


Oh wait! Then I come out to check on Yemen and his little camera. So he decides to pay me back for all the lack of attention. How, you ask? By taking the world's MOST unflattering picture of me EVER taken.

It's ALL about the angle, people. Next time the kitty takes a picture of me, I better make sure he's on the roof.

Speaking of "next time"... at Yemen's next attempt at picture-taking, he decided to drink out of his water bowl, which dunked the camera into the water. The camera is no longer working. So whether there is a "next time" or not, depends on the lovely customer service people at Uncle Milton and if they agree to replace the camera. Because for $30, I'd like to get more than just one day's use and 40 pictures.

And did I mention that I like to write reviews for products that I buy on popular websites?

UPDATE: The customer service wrote me back and told me to return it to the store we bought it from (Target) for an exchange. Thankfully we still had the receipt!


  1. I so need to get one of these. Our kitties are so bad...I could prove to everyone all the trouble that they get into!

  2. You are hilarious. I think you should put one on the enormous bunny.Oh, and that unflattering picture doesn't look like you at all. Are you sure it is you?

  3. Freakin hysterical Julie!!!!

    I love it - only you would buy something like that and turn it into a wonderful adventure. Has Yemen been introduced to the shovel for that picture of you?

    I'm very proud of you - and you know why beautiful lady! Smooch!


  4. kitty cool is would be so fun..i gotta get me one of wonder if it would also work on the dog...or the hubby...i mean he says he goes to work...

  5. Maybe because of the lack of love at the back door, he took vengeance and took said bad picture. I don't think *anyone* looks good at that angle. Maybe that's why cats are not as keen on people? I dunno

    I love you, Julie, you know it.

  6. I have never heard of such a thing... it would be great to keep an eye out on what the kids are doing when you can't see them too! :)

  7. what i really admire is that you totally dismissed vanity (by posting self-proclaimed least flattering pic ever) for the sake of delivering an awesome and hilarious blog post - now THAT's what i call journalistic integrity!

  8. Dying at the unflattering shot...yeah, my old kitty would've totally captured THE most unflattering shot ever. The best part? I was so there with you - LOLz.

  9. That's hilarious. I love the last photo. Bummer on the camera getting dunked, but fingers crossed you get a new one. I'm surprised they don't make them more weather proof as pets aren't exactly the most ummmm kind to expensive toys.

  10. I don't even let my kids use my digital camera....

  11. We SO want to do this with our dog Skipper. He goes on these little adventures every night and we're dying to know where he goes...

  12. Kudos for you for posting that pic! I must admit, in today's post, I reposition the book that I was pretend-reading to get a more flattering angle (less double chin).

  13. Too Funny!!! That camera should totally have been waterproof!! Yep, they owe you $30!!!