Monday, April 20, 2009

The Power Of Suggestion

Friday night I was having a crazy dream. We had last minute guests and I just realized I didn't prepare anything for dinner, but then Marshall whips out the gourmet meal that was almost ready to serve (that I somehow didn't notice him making while I had been standing in the kitchen). The absurdity of the dream was, Marshall hadn't cooked a single dish in his life. The next day I told him my dream over lunch and we both laughed at how funny it was... me dreaming about him cooking.

About an hour after lunch, Marshall was at his computer in another room. He called out to me and asked me if we had a 2 qt. casserole dish. I told him we did and then asked him in a very suspicious tone, "Why?". He said, "No reason". (yeah, right) Then he took Seamus with him to the grocery store. I knew my dream had inspired him. But he refused to tell me what he was going to make. When he got home, he made me stay out of the kitchen while he put all the groceries away. Then I walked in the kitchen and asked him what he would need... measuring cups & spoons, knife, cutting board, skillet, pans, oven mits, etc. I got all the stuff out for him and then he made me leave the kitchen and STAY out of the kitchen.

It was very interesting to listen to the sounds of him preparing the dish and trying to figure out what it was. I had no idea. Shortly after he started, he called out to me and asked what it meant to "temper the egg". *kinda scared now*

He was busy working away in the kitchen and I was secretly hoping his dish was a success. I was sure if it bombed, he would never try to cook again.
At one point I heard what sounded like red wine being poured into two wine glasses. Oh yeah! (and this is the part where you ask me how I knew it was RED wine as opposed to WHITE wine... easy, we only drink red wine.)

Finally the food was ready and it was time to eat. He made... Homemade Macaroni and Cheese!

It was awesome! Well, to Marshall and I it was awesome. Admittedly, this was his first time chopping an onion and lets just say there were some big and crunchy pieces of onion in his dish. He and I didn't mind it at all because it was soooo yummy. But the onion chunks did turn off the kids. Haven, our pickiest eater, told Marshall it was delicious and proceeded to eat everything in his bowl without a single complaint. We were shocked because getting him to eat a meal is usually a struggle, both with having a bird-size appetite and being extremely picky.

But today when Marshall was out running errands, Haven had a little talk with me. Apparently there was something he needed to get off his chest...

Haven: "Mama, the Mac N' Cheese Daddy made last night was not my favorite Mac N' Cheese. I didn't really care for it."

Me: "But you said it was delicious and you ate it up without a single complaint."

Haven: "Yes but I said that to Daddy because I wanted him to feel proud of his first time cooking."

Hmmm... how come he never does that when I cook? And more importantly, I need to take my dreams more seriously. I'm thinking I should concentrate on winning the lottery next.


  1. Mmmmm... mac n'cheese... What a good hubby you have :) My hubby kinda has a phobia about the kitchen. It makes him nervous.
    Meanwhile, what a sweet kid you have! So many kids wouldn't have even realized...

  2. Marshall has cooked exactly one more meal than I have so far this year!

    Love Mac N Cheese!

  3. aw, man. Now I'm all teary. That Haven is a heart-melter, he is.
    And Kudos to Marshall. I've said it before ... he's a good man. I just love how you two love each other so well!

  4. What a sweet hubby & son. The mac & cheese looked yummy. And one can never go wrong with a glass of wine. I like both white and red. :)

  5. Awww...That was such a great post! Im inspired to let my hubby read it (wink, wink). Maybe that will inspire him as well! LOL
    I do love reading your blog! You know, I first heard of Twilight from reading your blog...and I must say a BIG "thank you!" (Ive read em all and they were great!)

    That's why I nominated you for an award....(Yes, It was my first) You must have received SEVERAL by now, but this was my way of saying "thank you" for sharing your life in such a meaningful and creative way!!!!
    Please stop by and check out my blog...I could really use the support!!!

  6. But more importantly, did you dream about him cleaning the kitchen afterwards?!

  7. Go Marshall! I know I had a hell of a time with onions when I learned to cook (at....18...)

    Then again, my lovely MIL is a bit of a gourmet, and taught me to after Zach and I started dating in case we ever decided to get married - definately the way to that man's heart is through is stomach...then through being a dungeon master.

    Homemade macaroni and cheese = win

  8. Haha! This is great!! Next tell him you had a dream that he cooked a huge Mother's Day feast. That would be nice!

  9. What a sweet hubby...and you taught your son well to not complain!

  10. My husband won't come near the kitchen. When it's his turn to cook, we order out. Or grill. I have resolved myself that I will do most of the cooking around here. That is awfully sweet of Haven to tell his daddy that he loved it when he didn't!

  11. That is soooo sweet and cute!

  12. Sweet! Paul's "dish" is also homemade mac&cheese. It's actually quite good. Looks a bit like yours did...

  13. that is awesome...but why were onions in mac and cheese? that sounds a bit off to me. Haven is so sweet and Marshall is so cool for doing that. Zach bought the Nintendo cooking "game" to make me meals... but hasn't done it yet.. ha ha

  14. Oh that was so sweet for Marshall to do that! What a great guy. And tempering an egg for mac and cheese? I don't remember that in my recipe. I'm glad you liked it -- and kudos to Haven for being so aware!

  15. That is so sweet! Steve once decided to make boxed mac-n-cheese and added a packet of black cherry kool-aid. He said he thought it would taste good. Go figure!!

  16. that' s great! grown up mac and cheese. :) how have you been? i've been thinking of you and hoping you are well, although i haven't been on my computer at all lately!

  17. Great job, Marshall! Mac & cheese is the best when homemade. Too funny about Haven!