Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Parenting Gone Wrong

Last week I was driving on the freeway with Haven, Seamus and Marlie. Seamus said, "Mama, Haven called me a Poopy Pants!" So then I proceeded to correct Haven.

Me: "Haven, don't call your brother a Poopy Pants."

Haven: "But I saw it on Garfield. He called someone a Poopy Pants."

Me: "Oh you think just because you saw it on TV, that makes it ok to call someone that?"

Haven: "Uh."

Me: "What about Pirates of the Carribean? They shoot each other. Do you think it's ok to shoot your brother just because you see them do it on TV?"

Haven: "They're not really shooting each other. They're just pretend shooting each other for the movie. And I AM allowed to pretend shoot Seamus."

Me: "Touche"


  1. Too smart for his own good! I had one like that...oh right, I still do! lol

  2. Too funny. I love his shirt!

  3. HAHAHA! That's fantastic :D Seriously too funny.

  4. Boys are so funny! Good conversations happen in the car. Maybe it is because they get still? Smiling BIG

  5. *Gasp*
    You let your children pretend shoot each other?!?!
    Oh! The horror!
    Is that even legal in Cali?

  6. Btw, My husband totally wants your children's Star War shirts. He is jealous.

  7. I hate it when they're smarter than we are. I'm really not looking forward to that day :)

  8. And Garfield is only pretend calling whoever a Poopy Pants, right?