Monday, March 16, 2009

Internet Friends Are The Best

Ours was really a friendship destined to be. Susan and I. It all started when the awesome Darcy gave me this purplicious blog makeover. Darcy had also given Susan a blog makeover. I checked out her blog when I was looking at Darcy's portfolio, and Susan checked out my blog when I joined Darcy's portfolio. And we became blog buddies. We both live in Southern California, we both homeschool and we have kids similar ages. We kept saying we should get together some day for a play date at one of those fabulous beaches she and her family often go to. Finally she emailed me and asked me to pick a weekend for this momentous occasion. I was pretty sure she wasn't a serial killer, or some 85 year old man just pretending to be a homeschooling mom of three boys. She even promised if we got together, she'd reveal the names of her children and husband. (AKA "Big Dude", "Eldest Dude", "Middle Dude", and "Littlest Dude" on her blog) I feel like I have classified information now that I know their true identities. Muah hahahaha. (sorry, got a little carried away)

Anyway, on Saturday we headed south and met Susan and her lovely family at a beach in Laguna. Oh, did I mention that Susan is this totally awesome photographer? Well she is. And while we were there hanging out with Susan and her family, she snapped some photos of us.

Shortly after we arrived, Marshall wrote a little note for me in the sand. Thankfully Susan captured it with her camera because right afterwards a big wave rolled in and washed it away.

His note might have been fleeting, but his love for me is eternal. (didn't know I was capable of that much cheese, did you?)

Some of my favorites that Susan took of us...

And then Susan wanted to take some romantic shots of Marshall and I holding hands, walking on the beach. But Marlie walked into the frame and changed the whole emotion of the shot.

"Mama and Daddy, why are you walking away and leaving me all alone on this beach with these strangers?"

(we probably shouldn't use this photo when sending our annual adoption update to our social worker)

Susan wasn't the only one taking pictures though. Of course Marshall brought his camera along as well. You know what that means right? More pictures of the little Edward Cullen action figure! Oh yes, as soon as Marshall found out we were headed to a beautiful beach in Laguna, he said to me, "Don't forget to bring Pocket Edward so we can take fun photos of him with the beautiful scenery." Ok, maybe he didn't say that. And maybe he groaned when I nagged him to FINALLY stop taking pictures of the kids and start taking pictures of Pocket Edward. He is a good man.

Some of my favorite "Pocket Edward" shots that Marshall took...

In that last shot, Edward was staring out at the ocean and having a little moment. Probably wondering why Bella keeps rejecting his marriage proposals.

Back to Susan... she got this great shot of Marshall taking a shot of Pocket Edward. This is how dedicated of a photographer my husband is when he takes a photo, even when taking a picture of my Edward Cullen action figure in public.

And you know what? Susan even took HER OWN PICTURE of Pocket Edward!!! Oh yes, I'm contagious, folks.

Very nicely done, Susan!

After our beach time, we all headed to dinner for food and conversation. We had an awesome time and were delighted to find that we liked Susan and her family just as much as we hoped we would. Oh yes... there will be more play dates and photo sessions and Pocket Edward in the future with our family and Susan's.

If you like Susan's photos (and I know you do), head on over to her blog and see which pictures she chose to post from our get-together.


  1. The photos are fantastic...and I LOVE the one with Marlie watching you guys walk is sooo cute :)

  2. How fun! All the pictures are great.

  3. Just what I needed this morning! Cool pics of you all at the beach, AND pocket Edward pics at the same time. It looks like such a beautiful day:)

  4. What wonderful pics... and I'm not JUST talking about the ones of Pocket Edward. He is just the most well-traveled 4 inch plastic vampire in the whole world!

  5. Great pictures and of course very creative captions. I love the one of Marlie, she absolutely looks like you have run off on her. Great photography with Marshall and Pocket Edward, the scenes look true to scale!!!


  6. I am so NOT a serial killer. ;-)
    And I'm soooo glad we made a date.
    It's such a special blessing when internet friends get to become real life friends.

    But, dang. You left off the wedding photographer story. Now my 2 or 3 readers are gonna want me to use more words. ick.

  7. Wonderful pics- love the one of Marlie being abandoned on the beach. :)

    So fun when these relationships turn into real life, skin on them friends.

  8. Love the pics. Marshall is indeed a great guy. I loved the picture of him taking a picture of pocket Edward. The picture of Marlie watching you guys was pretty cool too. How wonderful that you could meet another homeschooling, blogging friend.

  9. gorgeous pics! and i bet you can guess at which ones i love the best!

  10. Hmmm...perhaps pocket Edward can come to Blog Union '09? And you can meet some other non-creepy internet friends? Just a thought.

  11. Wow, you met the ONE person on the 'net that you're friends with who isn't a serial killer!! Because I totally am. Mwahahaha.

    P.S. Kidding. You think. ;)

  12. I love the one she took of you and M that has you in focus on her blog. What fun!

  13. All us Susans are pretty cool :)

  14. Awesome pictures!!! And I love edward on the rock! Internet friends are kind of creepy if you ask me, but hey, whatever floats your boat...

  15. Great pictures of the family! I love the one of you and Marlie...beautiful! I had a big out loud laugh at the Edward pictures, you have a great husband!

  16. You're so danged cute. I LOVED the pics of your family--oh, and the Edward picture, do I even need to say it?

    I hope you were able to shake off the bad 2009 while out relaxing :-)

  17. Those pictures are AMAZING!
    I love yor family picture that was in b/w-sooo beautiful.
    Love the Mini Edward shots-too funny!

  18. Those are great photos and I really do love all things Pocket Edward. :)

  19. Those photos are beautiful! I love the one of you and Marshall - the close up.

    And, of course, love Pocket Edward's shots. My Pocket Edward came with me to get a haircut today and we took some pictures. He had fun.

  20. Wow, you do have a dedicated husband. Of course I was also trying to read his message in the trampled sand in front and hoping you'd provide a translation. Oh. duh. Yeah. You meant the WRITING by the WATER. Yeah. I'm slow.

  21. i love those shots of edward. how fun!

  22. Great photos!

    I don;t know if I have ever told you this but your video on Youtube is what made us investigate Ethiopia in our search to adopt. You have a beautiful family!


  23. Here via Susan... I told her, but thought I'd pass it on to you - I love that your purple hair matches your purple ring...very cool

    And a husband that would indulge your photo wishes of pocket edward is definitely a keeper