Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Just Wanna Get Lucky

Last night we got notice from our bank that our debit card number was stolen. Again. In case you're keeping track, this is the third time since September this has happened. In September, they stole our ATM card and PIN number and withdrew $6600 from our checking account (that our bank thankfully refunded). The next month our credit card company (different bank) told us they were notified by a merchant that the credit card numbers in their system were stolen (including ours). And last night we were notified that our debit card number was stolen yet again. Though thankfully, this time we learned our lesson and have only been using our debit card as a credit card and stopped using our PIN for purchases. This way we only have to deal with fraudulent charges and not someone withdrawing money directly out of our account.

How are they doing this? They are stealing the numbers directly out of the vendors' computer through hacking or through dishonest employees. Every time you swipe your card at a store, the number is stored in the vendor's system.

Of course last month, my minivan was broken into in our driveway while we slept. Really, I've had enough of this bad luck. I mean how many rabbits' feet do I need to ensure good luck? I have 5 rabbits... that's 20 rabbits' feet.

Or maybe my rabbits' feet aren't big enough. Maybe I need one of these...

You think I could talk Marshall into getting one?


  1. wow! that IS bad luck :( it's so irritating to have to worry about stuff like that! why can't everyone just be HONEST. :( blah.

    p.s. that rabbit scares the bejeezus out of me.

  2. Yikes, I'm so sorry. How annoying and stressful. Please don't get a rabbit that big. He could eat one of the kids me thinks! ;-)

    How about growing a patch of 4 leaf clovers? Or surrounding your house with garlic? Maybe installing a fountain of Holy Water? Putting a Pastor on retainer for extra prayer? Hiring the Ghostbusters?

    Just please not that scary big azz kid eating rabbit!

  3. First, take a really deep breath. Ahhhh...yes. Second, I want that rabbit. He is SOOOOOOO cool!

  4. That rabbit scares me.

    I hope he never mistakes my hand for a carrot (not likely given my extreem paleness, but still...)

  5. So you want to get that huge bunny for security reasons, right? Because that thing should scare anyone from messing with you guys again...

    Seriously, I cannot believe y'all got targeted again.

  6. Julie, take a look at your rabbit feet at the top of your blog. Do you see anything wrong? Where are the green ones? Money = Green Rabbit foot. Then your banking problems are over. And I think Marshall would let you do about anything you want.
    Good luck

  7. Sorry Julie. I can't believe this keeps happening to you.

  8. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgh!

    That was me screaming for you!

    NO MORE, dear Lord. Please. Amen!

  9. I guess you would NOT be a good example for the "lightning doesn't strike twice..." analogy.

    I'm so sorry for all these recent experiences of yours. I imagine they must all add together to make the world feel like a very insecure place. Which, of course, it is (insecure, that is). But. There's the head-knowledge of that reality and that experience-knowledge ...

    ick. Hey, I know .... let's go to a pretty beach and forget all about the world for a couple hours. ;-)

  10. SERIOUSLY? That's just awful, I'm so sorry! And, also, I'm very very afraid of that big rabbit. It should be on the list of things that would set off your alarm. Right beside "Midgets."

  11. Oh, Julie .. that's terrible! I hope they get this one all figured out and you can find some way to get some peace!

    I totally want that rabbit .. how cool is he???

  12. First, I love the title! I wasn't too sure what todays blog was gonna be about....LOL

    I am sorry you guys are going through so many invasions lately. That stinks!

    I would totally love that rabbit. I am short. I bet he would be almost as tall as I am! ;) He looks like a fairy tale bunny. Doesn't he? I don't think he is scary at all. He is too cute. I bet he could kick some butt though.

  13. It's the economy. Today Blockbuster is about to declare Bankruptcy...Sears is closing 43 stores...people are stealing whenever/wherever they can. It's just going to get worse.

    Sorry there...you wanted something positive. How about a funny.

    Same thing happened to me...got a notice that there was a breach at the bank and that they needed to send us new cards with new pins...uhhhh neither of us have started using our new cards...Yes, you understand correctly, we are still using the old cards, which theives may have access to.

    Funny huh?

  14. Major bummer! Don't they say bad things come in threes? So you're done, now. It's all good from here.

    PS - That is one crazy big rabbit!

  15. That bunny could kick a robber's ass.

    Get one.

  16. I think Emmett should stay an indoor kitty and the bunny of ginormous size should live outside and be the other kitty's buddy.

  17. crap. that just sucks. i'm sorry. you definitely need a ginormous bunny. or something.

  18. Seriously? You can totally talk Marshall into one of those, but I am thinking you might need a rabid raccoon or something at this point.

    So sorry this happened AGAIN!

  19. i LOVE that new kitty! he's so cute and sweet looking!

  20. I started reading this and then my climber toddler struck and I had to leave before commenting. I am SO sorry. I can't believe this has happened to you so many times. What a nightmare.

    As for the big bunny... please leave his feet on him, hanging those from your mirror could cause a crash. And yes, I'm sure Marshall would love to get you not only one, but two to roam free in the back yard. He's a swell husband. (where do you get these photos?)

  21. WOW that sucks~~