Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wacky Wednesday #37 **UPDATED**

PROM PICTURE ALERT: Yep ladies and gentlemen... this is my Prom picture. Taken by my mom just before we left for prom. Like my dress? My mom picked it. She had creative control since she was buying it. Therefore, I ended up with a teal colored JC Penney special and painful-to-wear, dyed to match shoes. (teal to compliment my red hair) Thanks Mom.

The closest I ever got to being popular in high school was getting to go to Prom with the Prom King. Sadly, it didn't make me Prom Queen.

So my prom date saw the link to this post on my Facebook profile and he had a little something to say about your comments...


  1. I especially like how his teal cummerbund accents your teal dress.

  2. i agree with allison. and I love his hair... so 80's

  3. 80's? How old do you think I am, Julie? That was 1992. :)

  4. LOL, this is so funny!!! sorry!!! cause I went to the prom and 1992 too..... but I wore PURPLE!


  5. Look's a bit like my homecoming dress! My, my, my how we change :)!

    You've been tagged... don't worry it's simple. Come by and get it!

  6. No way! I wore the same dress but mine really was purple. No joke.

  7. Um . . . that's scary. :D

    Joking! I don't think I could show anyone my prom picture. Ugh!

  8. LOL! I Love it! The dress DID compliment your hair. You can't judge fashions years later, anyway. To show you how impressed I am with your willingness to share, here's my prom pic. Note I was not with the prom king. I was with my best friend. We went stag. Because I DID get asked, it went like this:
    Him: "So, I'd really like to ask you to prom."
    Me: "Oh really? That'd be great!"
    Him: "Oh, but I can't. I promised a friend from a different school that I'd take her. So save a dance for me."
    Me: "Uh, sure. Loser."
    Yes, he brought some other chick, and YES, I did "save a dance for him." ANYWAY, here's my prom pic. At least your hair wasn't as high as mine. ;)

  9. I live for Wacky Wednesdays...

    ... also did you notice that both you and Leigh are wearing "ice blue" silk gowns. okay so I'm using creative license here but it is pretty close to Breaking Dawn newborn vampire material.

    Oh and I honestly think you both look beautiful... I wasn't asked to prom. Okay so I went to an all-girl's school but, still...

  10. I wore a peach dress with matching peach dyed shoes. Ugh!

  11. Cute picture Julie!

    I'm not confessing the year I went to the prom, but I wore navy dress complete with layers of petticoat crinolin. I can't complain because I designed it. .

    As a hint, crinolin was an 80's thing.

  12. I never went to prom. Not very interested LOL

  13. How much do I love that he had to call you and say, "hey Julie, what color is your prom dress?" and then sweet thing shows up in matching cummerbund and tie! :)

  14. Oh Julie - this rocks!!! Your face says it all. I know what you're thinking in this picture!! :)

    And I'm laughing for another reason... K.S.

    Not, Kristin Stewart initials!!

  15. I can't believe they ever made such ugly dresses - no offense. I graduated HS in '92. Haven't looked back since! Good for you for always putting yourself out there - and still remaining cool.

  16. Did you do somethng mean to your momma that week?

    'Cause teal? On a redhead?

  17. It's like one of those bridesmaid dresses that they always say "you can wear again" except you can't because it's just wrong. I don't dare show my prom picture. Something about black lace and footlong dangling earrings. Not good.

  18. This is great. I should post mine one of these days. My mom wouldn't buy me a dress, too expensive, so I found one I wanted and she made it for me. I actually liked it, I think I still have it but could never fit into it.

  19. this is awesome. I would share a photo of my own prom, but I've burned all evidence. I didn't even have a real date, but a pity date from a guy at my church who other people (read: parents) convinced to take me. Horrible, horrible.

  20. Carolyn ( 4, 2009 at 12:25 PM

    My Formal (in Toronto it is not called a Prom) was in 1987. I wore a lilac, drop-waisted dress with a big bow. No one can make that look good!

  21. I love when you post old-school pictures.

    I love your dress!
    I love your shoes!
    I love his matching tie and cummerbund!
    I love his HAIR!
    I love YOUR hair!

    My favorite color in the '90s was teal. It was the color I picked for my first bottle of nail polish .. Ah, memories.

    And I love that he commented on FB. Too funny!

  22. hey, just for the record, I think your prom date is a total hottie.

  23. I think you both look adorable. I know that's a really boring comment, but you can post a high school picture and still look good-- I will NOT post my prom pics, my courage only goes so far.

    those shoes do look painful, did you have them on backwards?

  24. Classic! I think you both look smashing! Was your prom song by Colour Me Bad like mine?

  25. You are brave to post a prom picture. My prom dress was white. It looked like a wedding dress. This was in 1982. When I bought it the lady asked me if I was getting married. At the time I thought the guy I was going with was Mr. It. Maybe I was trying to drop hints to him as to how great I would look in a wedding dress. Thank God that never happened.:)
    I think you and date with your matchy matchy teal is a classic.
    I love it.
    Sorry It's been a while since I've checked in with you. I'll subscribe so I can keep up.
    That was sweet of you to do a BATW post. That was fun while it lasted.


  26. Cool picture and post! Maybe the 80's (in a cumberband matching dress sort of way) stretched to 1992? At least you did not have big hair.

  27. Haha... OMG - I love his comments.
    "Hater-ade", too funny!

  28. My mother had no understanding of the fact that teenagers want to fit in with their peers, at least a little. My little sister graduated ten years after I did and my mom wanted my sister to wear my prom dress after altering it only for our differences in size. Needless to say, in ten years things are "played out" not "retro". My sister baby sat to make the money for her own dress, thus saving a fortune in future psychoanalysis :-)

    Actually, though, this post isn't all about me :-) You were certainly wearing the style of that time and I think it's awesome that you're still in touch with your prom date.

  29. Love it! So how do you people all have pictures from when you were growing up? I don't have any of those.

    and if it makes you feel any better, I wore peach. A very light peach, but peach nonetheless. And I still have the matching shoes and purse (God only knows why) in my closet. I think I need to give them away.

    Hater-Ade! I love it!

  30. I am NOT laughing, smiling yes, laughing no. However, I was in a wedding in 1989 and the dress was that EXACT color, as were the shoes. The dress was longer, but it was that color. Get this, it was from JC Penney!