Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm In Your Blog, Stealing Your Post!

My friend (and blog designer) Darcy put this on her blog a couple of days ago. This is a very important message that EVERYONE (who has a blogger account) needs to read. So naturally, I decided to steal it and re-post it on my blog.

Why? Because I love my readers. Especially those who leave comments. And often I like to email you back with a response to your comment, but you know what? Most of your comments come through in my email box as "noreplyblogger" and it makes me sad. :(

Please, pretty please listen to Darcy's wise instructions on how to edit your blogger profile so I can email you back when I have something to say.

Go Do this. Right Now.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm putting on my bossy pants. So y'all better follow along. ;)

1. Open up a new window. That's Ctrl-N if you're on a PC, Command-N for us Mac girls. Go 'head, I'll wait.

2. Leave one window open to these instructions. Go to your blog on the other window.

3. Click on customize. Click on dashboard in the upper right corner.

4. On the left, next to where your profile picture is, click on Edit Profile.

5. Under Privacy, click "show my email." Under identity, make sure the public email address that you use is there.

6. Save profile.

So what did you just do? You made it so that when you leave a comment on my blog (or anyone's blog) I/they can reply to you. Did you ever notice how when some people comment on your blog you can reply to them, and to others you end up replying to No-Reply-Blogger address?

So, if you've ever wanted to know how to make your email address show on people's comment mail from Blogger, now ya' know.

Yer welcome very much.

I'm done bein' MIss Bossy Pants now.

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  1. Do you have any idea how many times I have "replied" before realizing it was a "noreply" in the email address? I'm convinced there's someone somewhere who reads those and laughs at us all.

  2. Okay I did it...I will be expecting witty responses via email to all my future comments :)

  3. YES--I have been wanting to do a post like this for a very long time, especially when my internet was acting so strangely. I just wanted to say "thanks" or "I know how you feel" but instead had to click, go to the profile (and some people block their profiles so that's where you have to stop), click on one blog of sometimes a list only to find out it's an old one they don't post on anymore... very frustrating.

    I'd steal what you stole but didn't I just steal from you last week?

  4. So, can I steal from you and Darcy???? I like the way you worded all of that and I can't stand the "no-reply" thingys.

  5. I have a question-what if I don't want e-mails? I would rather just have comments on my blog-
    I am not that savy on the computer, but to me keeping my email private is a good thing. (Am I making any sense? I know this seems like a dumb question, but-Can someone explain to me why it is important to show e-mail address?)

  6. Followed your instructions ^^ I learn something new about Blogger thanks!

  7. Hey Ruby -

    No one can actually *see* your email address. it won't appear printed out on your blog for spammers to find you. What will happen is these two things:

    1 - If you comment to someone, they can comment back from their inbox.

    2 - If someone follows you to your profile, they can click "Email Me" and contact you that way.

    You don't have to give out your personal address. Many people have a (somewhat) anonymous email address for this sort of thing.

    And Julie - spread it like a virus girl!

    I don't mind if anyone spreads it around - I would like a link to my blog / post (like Julie did!) if you're going to use my writing..

    but by all means - gracious yes... let's propagate this around the blogosphere!


  8. Done!! Thanks for letting us know

  9. I was on such a campaign for this for so long, but now? I'm on a campaign to get blogger to make it a default! Are you with me? Let's email them every day until they make it at least an opening up blogger account question so people know!??


  10. No need :) I was a good blogger... and I must say that almost ALL the bloggers who comment on my site are also good bloggers who have an email available. Thanks for the reminder. Can I follow this with a request to address some of my other pet peeves? ;)

  11. I didn't even know about control + n. I learn so much here! From hair milk to PC lessons . . . truly amazing.

  12. Alright, I'm going to repost this on my blog, too, because this drives me crazy. Thanks!

  13. I linked this on my blog bcs. this drives me crazy as well! Thank you, Julie and Darcy!