Monday, January 19, 2009

Krazy Keywords

It's been a while since I looked up my stat counter to see who is reading this blog and how they found me. Since I moved my blog over to blogger in June, I've been visited by people in 90 countries. (shoutout to Botswana!)

When I last blogged about keywords leading to my blog, Kat left this nice little comment...

And can you guess what is NOW one of the top keywords leading to my site? Thanks, Kat.

Of course since October, I may have blogged once or twice about a little known book series and movie called, "Twilight". Therefore I have a fair bit of Twilight-themed keywords leading to this site. My favorites were:

are you a twilight freak?
uh, yeah

crazy twilight freak
now that's overstating it a bit don't you think? ok yes I am

And then you've got your completely random keywords...

animals are my friends and i dont eat my fiends
well, I don't eat fiends either. I do however eat animals. But only tasty ones.

animals eating animals alive
yes, I admit... that can be fascinating to watch. But sorry, can't help you with that.

animals that don't like silence
uh, crickets?

charlie in sparkly letters
Is Charlie a vampire?

can muslims eat skittles
Hey, I googled that SAME phrase! And no they can't. You're welcome.

dudu nobre

e282a18f8872b2352378a3988acd0d591a257d4723d6f2402b93 f0468670ef5eb2d0ec891e18713a

Jimmy, have you been playing with google on Mama's computer again?

how do you say raccoon in armenian
I have no idea, but you should google it. Oh wait, you just did. Sorry, can't help you.

i know somebody, who knows somebody, who knows somebody
Hey, I think I know them too. Small world.

injection made my arm turn green
Dude, I think you need URGENTCARE, not google.

dr pepper problem
Yeah I have a Dr Pepper problem. A problem that I'M NOT DRINKING IT. Sigh. Thanks for bringing it up. (15 days clean, by the way)

what would the white house look like if it was painted purple?
Well, I'm thinking it would look like a purple version of the white house. But I think that's a FANTASTIC idea.

bring one guess
Oh, I know this one... 42! Did I get it right?

seventh generation maxi pad
Ok that's just gross.

my neighbor painted their house purple
oh crap, my neighbors have found my blog. I mean, I love my neighbors very much. They're the bestest neighbors ever.

is it right to uninvite family to your home when you decide to have christmas eve early in the day instead of in the evening like its always been
Uh, I think Google is supposed to be used for entering keywords, not run-on sentences.

vampire in my room at night
lucky duck

red haired painter on tv with soothing voice
Oh you know that's my good friend, Bob Ross.

bob ross ends every show with
"From all of us here, we'd like to wish you happy painting and God Bless." Doesn't everyone know that? Duh.

my first try at bob ross
Ok, since you asked... this is my first try at bob ross. Well, it was actually my second try, but the first one went straight in the trash.

who has pictures of bob ross naked?
YOU again. I thought I told you that you NOT TO COME BACK. You are one sick puppy. And apparently very persistent.

obama is gonna steal my money
Dad? Is that you?

pet snake pictures
Well... if you really wanna see them... here they are. Nagini, Neville Longbottom and Severus Snake. (AKA Professor Snake)

my cat has purple hair in the sun
What kind of cat is that? Because I'm pretty sure I need one of those.

how to tell if someone is a freak
well, let's see... if someone has an unhealthy obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Twilight and purple. (in no particular order)


In completely unrelated news, Marshall and I were featured in my very favorite Twilight-themed blog (Letters to Rob). The site is hilarious and I especially love the write-up about Marshall. Click Here to read it. I'm totally famous now! I'd like to thank my mom for giving birth to me, I'd like to thank my 5th grade teacher, Miss Medema, for accepting my friend request on Facebook, and last but not least, I'd like to thank Joss Whedon, for, well, everything.


  1. Egads! I cannot believe I made my own pet peeve of a grammar mistake. Your instead of you're. Ugh. In public for all the world. And Katie Cokks fans to see.

  2. OMgosh I haven't laughed (ok, cackled) this hard in weeks. Thank you thank you thank you.

    I wish I had a sparkly dudu nobre--I mean vampire in my room too.

  3. and not charlie-- is he a distant cousin of the cullens?

  4. Came over for my daily does of laughter medicine. :)

  5. That was fabulous! First good laugh of the day.

    Since you did that last post of keywords, I've been keeping track of how people get to my blog. It's hilarious!

  6. Katie Cokks is not Charlie but is a twilight freak who eats live fiends while saying dude nobre as she paints sparkly vampires climbing happy little trees, er, by accident.

  7. I get some crazy ones too!

    Fun post!

  8. I was always wondering if some former student would remember me and thank me when they were famous!

    I can cross that one off my list now.

    You are welcome! :-)

  9. Bahahahahahaha! People are wacky... WHO wants to see Bob Ross naked????

  10. This is too funny! Loved the post. Loved the one at letters to Rob also!

  11. haha.. you're friends with your 5th grade teacher on FB? I love it!


  12. Good stuff Julie! Love the toes from previous post too. :)

  13. Once again I'm laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

    Loving the Letters to Rob. Very cool. :)

  14. love your blog! Love the purple! That's my favorite color. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  15. I keep saying I need to do a post like this, too! I haven't checked lately to see what kind of nuts are out there finding my blog...

  16. "Dad? Is that you?"

    OhmyGOSH .. I laughed so hard!

    I love it when you do these .. they are the best ab workout ever =-)

  17. LMAO! This is too funny. I'm very impressed with your Bob Ross painting, by the way. Although I was disappointed in the lack of purple. Just sayin'.

  18. all hail julie and mr julie!

    thanks for providing us with some fodder at letterstorob

  19. Oh good... your comments can be searched?

    Here you can have all the freaks who keep visiting me for this tidy little string:

    hog-tied handy man

    You're welcome.


  20. Hey,
    I just noticed your email today! I am so sorry. It was in my Spam box and I did not see it! I check the email account daily, but I didn't realize that it was sending some emails to the spam box! You have mail!

  21. this is a test of the emergency twilight system, this is only a test

  22. Gotta love how people come to various sites. And the nonsense some people search for ;)

    And congrats on the feature!

  23. Julie I meant to tell you the other night when my daughter pulled her loose tooth out I was using google to find a story about tieing your tooth to string and slamming the door.. and your blog came up.. I was hystercial laughing> Of all the things on google. you came up! LOL!

  24. How in the world do you even find these google keywords - I'd love to see what comes up for mine!

    Your notes under the keywords are just priceless - like you!

    And you were already famous in my book baby!

  25. Those keywords are hilarious

  26. Don't normal people use Google too? It sure doesn't look like it when you see what people are searching for...

    Oh, and the most disturbing on the list is 7th generation maxi pad. I mean, really, anything beyond the 5th generation is just gross.

  27. I've got to tell you, you had me laughing so hard I had tears.

    And considering how sad I am right now, I can only thank you.

    So...thank you for a welcome respite to my grief.