Thursday, October 16, 2008

How'd Ya Find Me?

I started this little ol' blog in June 2006. I don't check my stat counter too often, but when I do, the part that I find most interesting is: What countries are represented? So far, I've had visits from 67 countries. (Shout-out to Mongolia!)

But that brings up the question: How are these people finding me? Some are finding me through their search engines, by typing in keywords. What are some of those keywords that lead them/you to my site, you ask? Well, ok, you didn't ask... but I'm gonna tell you anyway.

"pudgy women"
I'd prefer to think of myself as "healthy".

"medieval times sucks"
Yes it does. Go to the Pirate Dinner Theater instead.

"tomato bisque soup at medieval times"
just one of the reasons why Medieval Times sucks.

"she is an exhibitionist"
hmmm... I'm pretty sure this is not that type of blog.

briana baker sand diego model
Is "Sand Diego" near San Diego?

costa rica staying with a family story July 2008
Sorry, never been. But I hear it's lovely.

"truant officer" and "blog"
hey now... no need to go there. My homeschooling is legit. Quick hide the Xbox 360!

"relax" picture
I'm glad you find my purple house relaxing. I do too.

dr. pepper addiction
You've definitely come to the right place!

dr. pepper roach
Who in their right mind would put "Dr. Pepper" next to "roach"??? Unless you're talking ying/yang kind of things... like nectar of the gods vs. pure evil.

phobia of roaches
Blattodephobia. Yes I know the term. Because I suffer from it.

eyes checked need glasses blog
I've had my eyes checked and needed glasses since 3rd grade. But I don't like to talk about it. And I'm not going to blog about it. Except for just now. But not again.

fossil sifter
Sorry, don't have one.

a good birthday gift
Ask Marshall.

complete my birthday gift
Again... ask Marshall.

what to get someone who's dying for a birthday gift
Marshall would know!

"planning chart for apologia botany"
Your guess is as good as mine. I got nothing for this one.

first journey with my wife
I'm fairly certain I never blogged about that.

I've got that. Badly.

why does my arm hurt after typhoid injection
Uh, because you just had a typhoid injection.

how should my arm feel after typhoid injection
Oh I know this one! Your arm should feel sore. And I would know.

pirate gift stores
Sorry, no pirate store here, but let me know if you find a good one. I love me some pirates! Aaarrrrggg. (sorry, couldn't help myself)

ragdoll female scratches
Well... we have two male ragdoll kitties. But they don't scratch. Sorry, can't help you.

my family is no fun anymore
I beg to differ!

mac how to "cross out text"
I have no idea how this led to my blog.

how to deal with solicitors
Oh, oh oh! I know how to make solicitors go away!

I included my picture!
Well, apparently I did. (that's me with the red hair)

And then some keywords make sense. After all... I'm obsessed with Bob Ross and have blogged about him many times. That's probably what led these keywords to my blog...

Bob Ross marathon
yes! all that's missing is a glass of wine and a comfy blanket to curl up under.

Bob Ross "full episode"
yes! would you settle for less? I wouldn't.

Bob Ross "sleep"
oh yeah!

bob ross online episodes
haven't found those yet

bob ross soothing
Yes he is!

the story of bob ross
I do happen to know that one.

the joy of painting knife only episodes
Some of the best ones!

naked bob ross
Oh for the love of all that is holy!!! Why would someone type that into a search engine? Come on, no need to tarnish his memory by that VERY scary mental picture. You won't find that on this blog. Go away and get some therapy. Right now.

And then there is my love of snakes, my ownership of snakes and my blogging about snakes which must have led to these...

show snak picturer
I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess this is not a native english speaker.
Hey, I've ordered from there!

dart frog reptile shows
It's only a matter of time before I have those cute and colorful little poison dart frogs in my collection... Mwah ha ha ha ha. Oh, sorry about that. Got a little carried away.

big yellow snake
I have a tiny yellow snake. Does that count?

are snakes pet in Ethiopia
I really have no idea.

Really? With all the snake enthusiasts out there, this would lead to my blog?

reptie snake picture
I've never heard of a "reptie" snake. Is that venomous?

show pictures of all reptiles
I'm fairly certain my readers would prefer I don't.

picture of a person and a snake
Oh, you mean this picture? (hey... don't be mad at me, you're the one who clicked it!)

Hey, you found me!

So, if you're one of those people who found this blog through a random keyword... WELCOME and feel free to come back again. Unless you're the "naked bob ross" person. You're not invited to come back.


  1. Bob Ross ROCKS, baby!

    He never made a mistake- just "happy little accidents."

    Which is exactly what I call all 5 of my kids!

    I shudder to think about seing him naked, though.

    Thanks for the good laugh. Now i can go to sleep with a smile on my face even though my husband has been sleeping for HOURS already!

  2. FUNNIEST POST EVER!!!! Oh my head (wink-wink!), Julie, this was huh-larious.

    One day we will hang with Bob Ross in Heaven. With Jesus. It will be a very, very good time. With happy little trees.

  3. Julie,

    You are so funny and this post made my day! Thanks for all the laughs!

  4. I would comment, but I am laughing too hard. Who is Bob Ross?

  5. "bob ross soothing" -- I think that was me when I was looking for happy little trees! LOL

  6. This is hilarious.

    I need to keep a list of all the strange things that people google to get to my site. Some of them make sense - lots about cruising or Belize. Some about homeschooling. And some are just freakin' out there. My favorite is "four day old diaper." I have never blogged about such. And I don't know why someone would look for it on google.

    I do these cooking posts called "Katie Cooks." And in Atlanta there is a porn star or something named Katie Cokks. Not sure why my spelling brings up that spelling with google, but it does.

    And what's funnier is that words in your comments can bring people to your site. So now you too can have people here that are looking for Katie Cokks. Your welcome. ;-)

  7. Should I know who Bob Ross is? I'm off to Google him .. and probably cringe as I now will be forced to imagine someone imagining him naked. Stupid curiosity!

    I wanna hear the story of your first journey with your wife .. I'm sure she's lovely ;o)


  8. Okay .. just found Bob Ross .. I exclaimed, "The painter guy!" and then, "Why would anyone want to see naked pictures of him?"

    To which my sister responded, "Eww!"

    Thanks so much, creepy searcher .. we are now scarred on the inside.

  9. hehe I love looking at the search terms lol but you already know that! LOL

    I found you through Marshall :-)

  10. Hilarious!

    How exactly did you figure out what key words were linking back to you?

  11. how do work in the time to be hilarious-- is while your son is doing crosswords in Latin?? Cracking up something fierce.

  12. SERIOUSLY funny post!! Bob Ross naked is not happy.

  13. Great laugh! Thanks.
    Thanks for stopping by my BATW yesterday!

  14. Funny. Your right I often wondered how people found me too. I do love me some Bob Ross. He had such a soothing voice. Not naked, that would be too much.

  15. Okay - who the heck is Bob Ross?!?

    Maybe it's because I live out in the sticks or something . . . .

  16. Uh-oh. I feel an ornery streak coming on. I am afraid that by number two I was already plotting what fun little somethings I could google to get back here. Mu-wah-ha-ha-ha. That is my evil laugh.

  17. I think I found you on someone elses blog, boring...but I laughed my head off at the funny google stuff:)

  18. Great minds think alike. I have post like this in draft. Some of the things people have found me with... crack. me. up.

    I love Zexy. It suits you!

  19. that is hysterical. How do you find out how people found you, i need to do this...

  20. Oh how funny! How did you find out about this? I seriously am curious now and want to know how people find me.

  21. this is hilarious!!!! love the naked bob ross, among others!

  22. Thank you for the outrage over "dr pepper roach" because that is WRONG!

  23. I love watching to see what terms people search to find me. Right now "don't tell mom" is pretty high along with "what to pay babysitter". I do get a lot for Fake Bake too. Seems many people are interested in why it turns green (and so did I when I was green).

    Zexy...I love it!

  24. Ha! I love looking at the search terms once in awhile. They have been dreadfully and monotonously relevant recently, but I use to rank in the top three for the search term "chicken mop." What an accomplishment!

  25. Well, I found you thru BPOTW! No "Naked Bob Ross" thoughts here, thank you very much. Tho that man sure could paint. Your blog is delightful, and I laughed my way thru this post. I've had some lulu's finding me thru some of the most obscure searches, too. I will definitely be back, and hope you'll stop by to say hello, too!

  26. I am coming to you via BPOTW. Unfortunately, I don't have any fun key words but my best is spider cake:-)

    I woke people laughing through this. I do feel more prepared if I have to get a typhoid injection now though.

  28. Oh my goodness - that is QUITE a list! I've done this a couple of times - but that was epic. I particularly the misspelled ones that come from other countries. "Zexy" is great.

    I once wrote a post about my friend's experience with a really bad keyword search. She keeps a very clean blog due to her husband's high profile career with the Justice Dept. But she once wrote a post called "Why Golden Girls Kicks Sex & The City's Butt." Who found this? Someone looking for "girl butt sex." Lesson learned.

  29. Naked Bob Ross? Hilarious. I do remember your Bob Ross days. Although I thankfully do not remember any mention of him naked.

  30. Naked Bob Ross? These are too funny. I can't wait to go to my site-meter and find the search terms.

  31. Bob Ross ... whatta guy! Now i'm going to be hearing him say, "It's your world" as only he could. :-)