Friday, October 10, 2008


There are books, and there is "Crackliture". That's what my friend Lula calls it when a book is SO good, you practically inhale it till it's finished and often have the extreme urge to read it again. (I'm pretty sure she stole the term from Tiffany.)

The Harry Potter series falls under that category. As does the Twilight Series. I'm re-reading them both right now. (For the record, I'm re-reading HP to Haven, and re-reading Twilight to myself)

I distinctly remember telling my friend Julie that I didn't have time to read and therefore couldn't participate in her book club. I obviously wasn't expecting to get sucked in by all this crackliture, gladly trading precious sleep for more reading time. Since Twilight entered my life, I haven't gone to sleep earlier than 2:30am without a little Ambien assistance. And without that assistance... well, reading until 4:30am is not unheard of.

Back to Lula. She and I have bonded over Twilight, Buffy, Dr. Pepper and too many other things to mention. We're literally emailing and texting each other several times a day. So when Lula announced to me that I must read this book "THE HUNGER GAMES", I thought to myself, "Yeah, yeah... after I read the Twilight series a few more times". But she insisted I get the book and start reading it ASAP. She told me wants it to be made into a movie and she wants Marshall to work on it. It was apparently so good she couldn't put it down, and she read the entire thing in one day.

Since I realized her frequent gentle reminders about the book wouldn't go away until I read it, I went ahead and ordered it.

It arrived in the mail and I decided to start reading that night, after the kids were in bed. I was fully prepared to not like it. I mean, how can you get into another book when you've so recently been sucked into the Twilight series?

Note to Self: When your friend tells you the book was so good, she couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting... it's probably not a good idea to start reading said book at 11:30pm.

My first impression was the book is like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome meets The Running Man. But instead of Mel Gibson or Arnold Schwarzenegger, throw in a strong female lead character and a little romance into the mix.

So like I said, I started this book at 11:30pm. And I got sucked in. It's not a terribly long book... only 300-some pages. And so I kept reading. 2am, 3am... I couldn't put the book down. I figured since Lula loved the book so much, that it must wrap itself up nicely at the end. And I didn't want to go to sleep without finding out what happened to Katniss.... so I kept reading.

4am I was getting pretty tired but I didn't have too much longer to go... and I was getting toward the nicely wrapped up ending. At 5:08am I made it to the last page, in the middle of a cliff hanger, only to find four little words... End Of Book One.

WHAT? HUH? WHAT? I stayed up until 5am, promising myself a nicely wrapped up ending, only to be left on the edge of a cliff hanger... finding out this was book ONE? And book 2 hasn't been written yet? (and book 3?)

My bff Lula forgot to tell me that little detail when she insisted I read it.

I'm fully capable of reading books in an unfinished series. I devoured each of the Harry Potter books when they came out. I just might not have stayed up until 5am, finishing the book in one sitting if I had known.

Having said all of that... I LOVED IT. I really did. And I'm glad Lula told me to read it. And I also want it to be turned into a movie that Marshall works on. More importantly... I can't wait until book 2 comes out!

So if you like Crackliture like the Harry Potter and Twilight series... go out and get The Hunger Games.

Just don't stay up until 5am to finish it.


  1. I love it when people listen to me. It doesn't happen often, but I just need people to know that sometimes I do have a clue. Really! Oh, and yes--Crackliture is Tiffany's word. She needs to have it copyrighted.

    I'm ready for Book 2. And for the movie version of the book. And for Marshall to work on it.

    It. Is. So. Good.

    Told you!

    Loved this post, Julie...but next time mention my name just a little bit more...I love seeing it. HA!
    p.s. Thanks for the Buffy love--been reading on and off all day!

  2. that is so funny... I laugh because I am like that and end up reading good books all in one sitting if I can. Usually I cannot and I neglect my family being really annoyed they need my attention...ha ha, what kind of a mother am I? Anyway... when Lulu talked about it before I wrote it down on my list for Christmas gifts... so excited to for Christmas!

  3. Lula should do a poll to see how many people read books that she says they should read :-) I put this book on reserve at the library. I was only #32 way back when she told me to read it. And I am every so slowly inching up to the top spot.

  4. whoa. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive (on your recommendation) and now I'm a little nervous. I can become a bit.. ummm.. obsessive about things like this and don't know if I can add another series. I CANNOT believe you stayed up all night reading. You are my hero.

  5. I just finished New Moon and started Eclipse... I can't get enough! The middle of New Moon had me angry though... I need my Edward fix!

  6. I will have to read that one, but am still working on the Twilight series. I'm on Eclipse now. I'm always looking for a good book

  7. I just saw this book on Meyer's website. She too recommends the book.
    Don't you just love waiting for books. Oh the suspense. I'll have to reserve this one as well from the library. Still waiting for Eclipse.

  8. LOL...I'm glad I'm not the only one with "up-all-night-cause-I-MUST-know-how-it-ends" syndrome. It's just so adictive. If you like being stressed out by books, Fern Micheals' "For All Their Lives" is terrible, but in a good way. Crackliture really sums it up!! lol

    Beulah @ savings make cents

  9. You know this one kept me up all night too.... so worth the lack of sleep.

    And, Lula, I did have "crackliture" trademarked and I am the proud owner of


  10. Oooo, I've stayed up all night reading, too. Not a good thing for me, though. I so need ALL my sleep! :-)

    Thanks for coming by my place yesterday on our BATW tour!

    I hope you enjoy your future road trip to the Central Coast!

  11. Funny. I ordered this one a couple days ago. I needed something to help me get over this post-Twilight depression. But then I learned it was a series, so I think I'll just read Twilight again.

    That's 4 books I read in 3 days. I don't know if I can wait for another book. I may need to wait until the series is all published.

  12. I have added this one to my "must read" list... thanks for the suggestion!

  13. ooh, I love books! I have to go spend more money at Amazon now...argh! This is SO poor husband sleeps with a pillow over his head many nights as I prop my eyes open to finish just one more page..and end up reading the whole book. thanks for the recommend. darci ;)

  14. OH I know that feeling all to well!

    I get so sucked in to some books it is not funny and my poor family misses their mom for a bit! good thing they are teens and can cook for them selves!!!!!!!!! LOL

    I was so sad when HP ended I wanted more so much more! LOL

    I am really in to the Thriller romance. Got to love danger and romance all in one place LOL

    I have read almost every J.D. Robb ( aka Nora Roberts) Eve Dallas books. There are like 20 or something like that! I read them like 4 to 5 a week.

  15. I know what you mean! I am a book addict...I'll really try anything! I can't wait to read Hunger Games!

  16. How do you stay up at that late function the next day with kids? I'd be a basket case...trying to sleep all day!

  17. I have wanted to ead the Harry Potters but I just never seem to find time to sit down and read and my eyes are always way to tired at the end of the day for anything but sleep.
    Maybe someday.....

  18. Another one I'll have to add to the list. I can only read for short periods. Don't know how you can stay up all night reading, I literally start falling asleep after an hour or so. No matter how much I like the book!

  19. A friend of mine sent me the book about a month before it was released. I was freaking out because I had no one to talk about it with. When it came out, I bought 10 copies and sent them to my good friends and am going to hold a mega-book club!