Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Claiming it

So we went to a fabulous shower on Sunday after church, celebrating Chris and Heather's new baby girl. I also got the pleasure to hang out with my blogging buddies Angie, Carey and Julie. Above are a couple of my favorite pics of our kids that Marshall took at the shower.

This was the first time I was unveiling the purple hair streak to this crowd. So I was rockin' the purple. I wore two layered purple shirts and of course brought my new purple purse. Why not?

But someone at the shower decided to question my purple obsession. She's on to me. She obviously realizes this is way beyond the normal level. And she was curious about it. Let's call her "Lady Who Knows I'm Over The Edge" or "LWKIOTE" for short.

LWKIOTE: "Have you always loved purple or is this something you developed in your adulthood?"

Me: "Uh, I used to like green as a child, but switched to purple after college."

LWKIOTE: "Oh, so you've always had a color fetish then?"

Me: "Hmm... I suppose so. Never really thought about it like that before."

LWKIOTE: "Well, I guess it's fine as long as it's not hurting anyone else."

Me: "Well, I'm not sure about that. You'll have to check on my kids in a few years and see if they need therapy because they grew up in a purple house."

She told me, "Well, I suppose it's fine if it's not hurting anyone." again later and I had to wonder if she really did think my purple obsession was harmful. Again, you'll have to check with my kids in a few years for the answer.

And I know this purple thing is out of control. And it's not my fault. Really. First and foremost... it's Marshall's fault for allowing me to have our house painted purple. That is the first event that set things spiraling out of control. My love for purple was now on display for the entire world our neighborhood to see.

And then in February, Carey announced the first annual Blog Union (a weekend of activities for all of us brought together through Ethiopian Adoption blogging). Lots of planning and organizing had to be done before the August 1st kickoff for the BU '08. Carey started an online group for everyone planning to attend. And there were a few blogging Julie's connected to Ethiopian Adoption. So Carey listed me as "Julie (in the purple house)". I thought it was hilarious and so began my new identity. By the time we actually attended the Blog Union, people were coming up to me and saying, "Are you 'Julie in the purple house'?"

Then in August I made some major blog changes. I turned on comments, I moved my blog from Mac to Blogger, and I got a blog makeover from the fabulous Darcy at Graphically Designing.

I told Darcy... Hey I obviously love purple, but the whole thing doesn't have to be purple... lately I've been associated with my purple house, but we don't have to use a picture of it in the header. And Darcy went hog wild, giving me this awesome, purplicious blog.

So you see? It's not my fault at all. It's Marshall's and Carey's and Darcy's fault. They started it. But I'm running with it... No one can stop me now.


  1. Those are beautious pictures- and LWKIOTE should SHUT UP AND MIND HER OWN BUSINESS- unless of course she's your mom. Then I'm sorry I said that... Kinda.

  2. Because no one loves purple more than you. No. One. In. The. World. You can totaly have a purple room in the pink beach house.

    I have purple nails and a purple purse. Because I am cool.

    And no one loves pink more than me, except maybe Heather. I'll share with her.

  3. How on this great purple earth could it hurt someone else?

  4. The pics are great... Marlie is such a beauty!

    And seriously, how could purple hurt anyone???

  5. I love my purplicious friend!

    That is too funny and love the pictures of the kids! esp. the one of your little girl looking through.

  6. I can stop you girl, I can really!!! All you have to do is (oh shoot, gotta run the house is on fire. I'll get back to you on the sure proof way to ditch purple once and for all).... to be continued! ;)

  7. Love the pictures of your kids. I love looking at the pics of your little girl as I dream about the day I'll go to Ethiopia and pick up mine :)

  8. I wish my curls looked as good as hers!

  9. Purple only brings love, not harm. Duh, LWKIOTE...

    If I was to pick an edge to go over, it would always ALWAYS be the purple edge .. I haven't dived over, yet. I'm only 21 .. give me time ;o) I'll be joining you soon!

  10. hehehe... doesn't it almost make you want to break out in conspiratorial whispers? something like this?

    LWKIOTE: Well, I guess it's fine as long as it's not hurting anyone else..

    YOU: Oh, but it *IS*. But the purple thing? It's really the LEAST of my problems. It's just a good thing we've already started therapy funds for each of the kids...


  11. ps. True Confessions time: "Concerned" people always put me a little on edge.

  12. you go girl! purple rocks-and your kids are so so cute-even if the purple drives them over the edge, they'll be adorable crazies, right? (and also, it won't be YOUR fault..it'll be marshall's, and carey's and darcy's..teehee)

  13. that is so funny... I am sure it is all Darcy, Marshall, and the third person you said...their fault... ha ha

  14. the pictures of your children are beautiful, as usual. I am so jealous that you always have the nicest pictures!

  15. have you seen your listing in my blogroll?

    just askin'...

  16. But then again Purple is the color of royalty so you can tell Ms. Thinks it may be Harmful that you are simply living up to being the Queen of your household!

  17. MMMwwwhhaaaahh aaaa hhaaaaa hhaaaaa!

    You shall be the queen of purple.

    I need a favorite color. I'm so undecided like that. It kills me.