Thursday, September 4, 2008

Marshall's New Blog Makeover!

I'm taking a brief break from book #4 to rest my eyes for a second to announce that Marshall has a spanking new blog makeover. Well, not spanking... but new. Darcy at Graphically Designing (who designed my lovely purple blog) did his blog makeover. I think she did a fantastic job of capturing what he wanted for his photography blog. And believe it or not, there's not a speck of purple on it.

So go check it out, and leave him a comment, telling him what you think.

I'm going back to my book now... just one more day of freaky reading while the kids fend for themselves.


  1. Thanks for the photography comment. I am trying to figure out aperture and shutter speed!LOL I am having fun though and quickly getting addicted! I left a congrats on your hubby's new site. It looks great! He is a great photographer. I love his pictures of the kids and the angles he captured.

    I have CS3 but I don't have the time to learn it right now. My husband manages and is part owner to a local computer company. He just got it for me and I am itching to learn more!

  2. When I stumbled upon your blog, and saw your purple house, I immediately knew you were most likely in the SFV. I grew up in Granada Hills, (my husband grew up in the SFV too,) and spent most of my single years bouncing around Northridge, Reseda, Tarzana, etc. My husband and I are comfortably settled in in Apple Valley and have been for the last 11 years. We are also adoptive parents, homeschoolers and Christians. Oh, and we were married 12yrs this year as well. Although, we are a bit older than ya'll. I just thought I'd drop in and say "Hey." I love your hubby's blog. Does he need any subjects? I've got 5, so far; and they are pretty darn cute.

  3. NO Purple?? not a drop, well sheesh!

    forgot to tell you last weekend while we where Driving around the Coast line of Washington, there was a Purple house right on the main street(hw 101). LOL

    It reminded me of you, and I had to tell my husband all about your house LOL

    Ok off to see Marshall's blog make over!

  4. I love his name, I love his blog, I love his Xbox Live self...all of it.

    And how far are you into Breaking Dawn now???

  5. I saw you on another blog mentioning the twilight series...and uh just had to come by and say HI. I went to the midnight premier of number 4....yep they are addicitng. but ohhh so much fun. cherry

  6. Thanks Julie for visiting my blog! I am also reading the Twilight series. I just finished book 1 and am going to go buy book 2 today. It is taking me a longer time to read then I would like because I have been so busy. I should have read them this summer when I had a littl e more time. I can't wait to start book 2!