Thursday, September 18, 2008

In Five Years, This Will Be Mine

We bought a new car today for Marshall. (2009 Acura MDX) This is pretty exciting, considering that the only "new" car Marshall ever had was a 1992 Ford Ranger. When we bought our minivan in 2002, we sold his truck and he started driving my old 1997 Maxima, which he has driven ever since. Until now.

And when we pay it off in 5 years, he'll get a new car and THIS. WILL. BE. MINE. I'm assuming, of course that five years from now, I'll be ready to give up my "Hot Minivan Mama" status.

Our criteria for choosing a car... an SUV to anger my environmentally conscious brother Something that can seat 7 people, with a fold down 3rd row for extra storage. Actually my brother is very "green" and environmentally responsible. He even rides his bike to work (in the snow). So I figure, I can get an SUV because his minimal carbon footprint helps cancel out some of my extra carbon footprint. You like my logic?

Anyway, we've had our eye on the Acura MDX for several years now, and since we just paid off our minivan, we were finally able to buy it. And the coolest part about the new car...

We don't have to valet our minivan anymore when Marshall takes me on a fancy date.


  1. Congrats!! Now ... AND early Congrats for 5 years down the road!

    Totally rhetorical question: Is there life after a mini-van? Cause I can't fathom it right now....

  2. We never did the mini van thing, we did the really big car, then the SUV then REALLY big trucks! LOL

    for me it has to hold 6, pull our toys and make me look good driving it! LOL


  3. I love this vehicle. And won't y'all look super sassy when you valet it? Yes, you will.

  4. Yay! Congrats!
    A new car is so exciting :D

  5. I love it!
    I drive a mini-van too. I know it's not hip but we love the extra room ,especially on trips.

  6. haha! My brother WALKS or takes the subway and I???? Drive a HUMMER! H2 no less. 12 miles to the gallon at 4.00 a gallon. Trust me, its a lease. My third and last hummer. Next time, who knows. But I am using some of my brothers carbon foot print quota. And I take my own bags to the grocery. Now there. lol.


  7. When my husband first proposed that we get the Acura MDX I rolled my eyes. Now I thoroughly enjoy having it. Enjoy.