Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Fair Day

Marshall had the day off today, so we armed ourselves with 70 SPF and headed over to the L.A. Fair. Marlie flipped out as we passed the arcade games when she noticed some of the prizes were Littlest Pet Shop stuffed animals. So Haven played the game and won the stuffed animal for her, which she LOVES. Haven is now officially the big brother that wins the prizes for his little sister. So cute!!! Seamus won his own stuffed truck and Haven won another prize, choosing a purple dolphin for yours truly. Then after all the prize winning... there was fun to be had.

Then, we happened to walk by a Pirates of the COLOMBIAN Caribbean acrobatic extravaganza. Who says pirates can't be from Colombia? Not me.

And right next to the pirate show, there were photo opportunities we couldn't pass up...

And we're really mean parents for doing this one... (sorry Seamus!) I swear I will delete this photo now and will never ever use it for blackmail when you are older, or in a slideshow at the rehearsal dinner for your wedding.

And speaking of pirates... I got a little souvenir at the Fair. (This is for you, Leigh Ann.)

Here's one of Marlie's preferred ways to travel. (if you look closely, you might notice Marshall's pirate "souvenir" on his arm)

Then it was time for a snack. Pink's Hot Dogs, a L.A. Institution was there, complete with their wall of celebrities. And while I love a good hot dog... Pink's is not for me. Two words: Natural. Casing. -Gag-

But I did search out this place, which I fondly remembered from last year. Sadly, they no longer had the deep fried coke that I was looking forward to trying this year. They did add a few items, such as deep fried poptarts. I seriously wanted to try the deep fried avocados this year, but I somehow ended up getting the deep fried transfat oreos instead.

And just to let you know that we did our part to keep our kids educated about the subtle differences between a cow and a chicken... we did visit the farm animal section. Hey look, a baby goat is pooping! Take a picture, Marshall.

And these are chickens... this is where we get eggs from.

And look, kids... they even have farm dogs here too!

Of course after the farm animals I gave the usual... "wash your hands/E.coli will kill you" lecture to the kids. Accompanied by the eye rolling of my ever supportive husband. He may scoff, but the kids are still alive now, thankyouverymuch.

It was a fantastic day. We all had a totally awesome time, and we can't wait to do it all again next year.

If you liked the L.A. Fair commercials on my Blog Around The World post, here are two more...


  1. Deep fried coke??? As in, Coca-Cola?!?!? How does one even do that?!

    Deep fried poptarts sound yummy! As well as the oreos (those would have been my choice, too, over the avocado!)

    Looks like it was a fun day for you guys :)

  2. you guys looked like you had fun. I went to the Fair today (again) too. I had the deep fried p&j. I know it was totally unhealthy but boy it was good.

    I love those commercials.

  3. Haven is getting so big!! Looks like a good time. I could go for some nasty fair food right now. The rides however creep me out a bit..

  4. That looked like so much fun... love the ad!

  5. fun! I felt like I was there, thanks for the great pics! What a great fam day..oh and that pirate pic is GREAT! def wedding slide show material..

  6. So many delicious things to comment on...

    First of all, you know I am LOVING the pirate tat. L-O-V-I-N-G. And now I want mine (my real one, that is!) even more.

    Natural casing? I just threw up in my mouth a bit. Ew.

    Caroline's favorite seat in the world is atop her dad's shoulders. Adorable, huh?

    The concession stand at our high school's football games sell fried Oreos. And we eat them, knowing we're going to have a heart attack immediately afterward. I'll totally eat some at next week's game.

    And I'm so proud of LA for their fying I thought it was only us southerners who fried anything that moved. AWESOME!

    Next year we're totally inviting ourselves to go to the fair with y'all. Just so you know.

  7. Looks like you had a great time. Loved all the pics.

  8. I still love the basic fried dough, can you really beat that?
    The picture of Seamus was meeean (but yet totally perfect for future ammo :)

  9. I'm not sure why I was surprised that your fair had much cooler stuff than ours .. LA vs Des Moines .. need I say more? lol

    My mind is still boggling at the Deep Fried Coke. Never really got the appeal of deep fried foods, but that I would order just to see it. My curious nature again :o)

    Love the stroller pic! Looks like so much fun!

  10. Looks like you all had fun. Fairs are the best.

  11. Those commercials are so FUNNY! Sounds like a great day at the fair...cute family, as always!

  12. Looks like a fun day. Weird, I just saw Pink's on a Travel channel (or was it the food channel) show featuring the best places in the US to get hot dogs.

  13. what great pictures, looks like everyone had a blast!!!

  14. I love me some fair! Just not the rides put up haphazardly by the carnies. I'll take the animals and food all day though.

  15. I. HATE. THE. FAIR. And fair food. The last time I went to the fair was for my eldest son's birthday. It was community free day and all that was open was the carnival and a couple of exhibits. That's ok we got discount ride bracelets and rode rides for hours. That's the only part we like anyway. We took our 5 kids and our son's 3 friends.
    I grew up on a hobby farm. Animals are no mystery to me. In fact my dad made it a habit to wake us if the sow was littering in the middle of the night. If she managed to do it without us knowing we were so dissapointed.

  16. Eek! I need to get to LA. I want to hang out with you all. It looks like so much fun. Maybe I can conveniently time my trip with a certain premier???

    I saw the last post, too, LOVED the outfit. I have some of me in clothes like that, too. Although, my mom is Catholic, so she's got no excuse. ;)

  17. Ok..a coupla things that didn't get past me. 70 SPF???? HUH??? Really??? and deep fried COKE??? Please tell me they didn't ruin my diet coke with a deep fried lemon wedge!!! Your kids are so adorable and those pictures are so fun...and truly, don't get rid of them....(the pics not the kids ;)They will be oh so much fun to show the grandkids some day.