Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wacky Wednesday #15

Oh dear... I'm digging into the tortured years of early High School with this one. I believe this was 9th grade. Apparently losing the HUGE glasses and moving on to contacts only made me slightly less nerdy. Slightly. There's just too much in this picture to make fun of. Remember, even though I was older, my mom was still buying my clothes (and apparently my socks too). I was the poster child for my private Christian school. Nice child... not into anything bad, or cool, for that matter. And wearing a banana clip in my hair. Why was that ever a good idea? I had a million of those, in different colors.


  1. Ooh, banana clips--the finely-haired girl's friend. I had the cutest pony tail because of the banana clip (not that I miss it or anything...)

    Aren't you glad that your best years aren't necessarily behind you? That's the balm that soothes my soul (and crow's feet)

  2. It's our junior high and high school photos (and probably today's pics someday, too) that keep us humble. ;) If we could only have those thighs again though, right?

  3. Oh, the banana clip! I pined for one, but alas..... NO HAIR lol.... cute pic. Love the socks.

  4. I did the banana clip thing as well. Of course, I still had hair that was thin enough to hardly fill up the banana clip. Ugh!!!! What a change now that I am doing my Ethiopian daughter's hair! Could she have any more (don't answer that!)?!?!?!?!