Friday, August 22, 2008

Trouble Subscribing???

Have any of you had trouble subscribing to my new blog or adding me to your blogroll, only to have my old Mac blog show up instead? Yeah, I had no idea why that was happening.

BUT... I just now figured out how to fix it! All you have to do to subscribe or add me to your blogroll, is to type in my URL ( Yes I know that didn't work before. I'm telling you... I just fixed it! Really. Go ahead and try it if you don't believe me. I double dog dare you. (yes I'm going there)

If you have my old Mac blog on your blogroll, pretty please update it with my new blog address. (you know who you are)

If you don't update my address in your blogrolls... I might just remove you off my blogroll. :) Kidding. I wouldn't do that. Probably.

And if you read blogs through a Reader (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and want to subscribe to the new address, you can either manually enter my URL, or you can click the big subscribe button on the left hand column. You know, the purple one.


  1. ahhh, what's a blogroll???? NO, dont tell me. I love being oblivious!

  2. Just FYI, I had no problems adding this one to Bloglines, just had to manually delete the old one so I didn't have both...

    happy to have you on my subscription list. :-)

  3. Alright, alright.
    i fixed it :)

  4. I've got mine fixed. I was wondering why it was doing that.
    Thanks, Julie!

  5. I have enjoyed watching your You tube video and looking over your blog! What a blessing with your little Girl!
    Sandy Toes at

  6. yes, i had trouble. :) i'm going to try again.

  7. No issues here, I have both of them on mine threw Bloglines and both worked properly and separately LOL but I can delete the other one now if you are done updating over there

  8. Ive been having lots of trouble with blogger....cant post videos, weird alignment, trouble with links and lots of trouble adding the new blog roll feature. Its driving me crazy! I will try adding you again.....

  9. Yay! Now it works with Google Reader :-)

    And I'm, like, so happy. Cause I would hate to miss out on the bunny/snake/camera story, and I'm too lame to keep up without my easy Google Reader.

    Happy Weekend...