Friday, August 1, 2008

Blog Union, Here We Come

The First Annual Blog Union is upon us. Thanks to Drew and Carey for arranging this whole thing. What is the Blog Union? Well, it’s a big weekend get-together where a bunch of bloggers who blog about their Ethiopian adoptions can finally meet face to face, after stalking each other’s blogs for years. I suppose this makes our online friendships slightly more validated.

If you think we’re nuts getting together with a bunch of people we met online, consider that all of us have adopted or are in the process of adopting, which means we’ve all had FBI background checks and have had our fingerprints processed through Immigration. Probably couldn’t get a safer group of people to get together with. This thing is so legit, we even have Blog Union t-shirts that everyone will wear.

Though there are events Friday through Sunday, we’ll just be attending Saturday’s beach event. Because we love the beach so much. No, actually we hate the beach. Well, just mainly the sun. And the sand. And the saltwater. Other than that, we find it absolutely peachy.

Having been born a redhead, with no natural pigment, I’m only slightly more tolerant of the sun than a vampire. Depending on the light, you might even call me “clear”. I’m talking skin translucency, not Scientology levels.

So I’ll be there with my big beach umbrella, a big floppy hat and my 70 SPF sunblock, trying to not burst into flames.

Of the group of bloggers and families attending this event, there are four or more Julie’s. (myself included.) In fact, there are THREE blogging Julie’s from Los Angeles attending this Blog Union. Which is why I’ve been given the “Julie in the Purple House” distinction. Incidentally, one of the other blogging Julie’s in Los Angeles USED to live in a purple house. She’s fabulous, by the way, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again and sharing my 70 SPF with her.

So I’m very excited about meeting some of my “friends” in person for the first time. And Marshall is going because I’m making him go with us is excited to meet everyone too. I know the kids will have a blast, finding ways to get sand into all of their bodily orifices that I’ll have to clean out later.

Oh, and I totally stole the Blog Union logo from the Julie that USED to live in a purple house. Cause imitation is the best form of flattery. Either that or I’m just lazy.


  1. The Blog Union sounds so fun! I hope I get to meet all of my blog friends (you being one!) one day! Take pics and I can't wait to read all about it!

  2. So I just got back, and EVERYONE said to me,"Oh are you Julie in the Purple House?" Everyone can't wait to meet you.
    The logo was designed by Tommy, Judah's dad. It is a great group. Worth braving the beach for. (I hate the beach too. I may tie you for 'clearest' person).
    Oh, and who is the third Julie from LA, who blogs and adopts Ethiopians? I want to meet her too!!!

  3. I never really thought about the fact that everyone who has adopted has been cleared by all the official people. Thats good to keep in mind...