Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who Needs Privacy?

Certain aspects of your life change when you become a parent. Actually, now that I think about it, EVERY aspect of your life changes when you become a parent. One of the major changes, is a lack of privacy. I’m talking about your children’s curiosity about your body parts, your children asking crazy personal questions that you don’t know how to answer, and your children following you to the bathroom every time you have to go. Haven’s old enough that I can yell, “PRIVACY!!!!” when I hear him running behind me, and he will stop and go back to whatever he is doing. The younger two, however, keep running after me, as if my trip to the bathroom is the most exciting event of the day. Seamus usually just wants to hang out in the bathroom and play or chat while I’m in there. Marlie, however, has a totally different approach. When I’m sitting on the throne, she will squat down in front of me and stare... to see if she can catch a glimpse of what exactly is happening between me and the toilet. I must say, it’s a little awkward for me. Especially now that she’s learning new words. Now, in the past week, while she is crouched in front of me and the toilet, she will point at me and say, “poop”. (whether I am or not) I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised, since she seems to be preoccupied with that particular substance. I’m just not sure I need a running commentary every time I go to the bathroom. Add that to the list of things no one told me when I decided to become a parent.

Now for the fun questions....

Seamus: (while poking me in the chest) “Mama, what are those things? What are those big things in your shirt?”

Me: “That’s just part of Mama. It’s private, don’t touch.”

Seamus: “Mama, why you not have a pee-pee?”

Me: “Because I’m a girl and girls don’t have pee-pees.”

Seamus: “Why not, Mama?”

Me: “Because that’s the way God made us.” (totally a cop out answer, but one of my favorites)

Oh, but the questions get even better when the kids get older.

Haven: “Mama, since you don’t have a pee-pee, can I see the hole where your pee comes out?”

Me: “No, Haven, that’s private.”

Haven: “Why not? Daddy’s allowed to see it!”

Had I been drinking something at that moment, I’m fairly certain it would have shot out of my nose. Actually the whole thing is a bit fuzzy. I think I may have run screaming from the room, with my hands on my head in an attempt to keep it from spontaneously combusting. Hopefully that type of questioning will never, ever happen again.


  1. Oh dear. I've been there many times. I promise it gets even worse when they hit puberty. :D

  2. I agree! LOL it gets way worse the older they get!

    hehehe It i always fun to see other moms suffering LOL