Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wacky Wednesday #13

Ok, I’m opening Wacky Wednesday to any little thing I find that is wacky.

Yesterday we were at the LA Arboretum. I can’t believe we’ve never been there before! At the entrance was a little warning sign that the peacocks are wild (and therefore unpredictable) and we should not try to grab them or pull out their feathers (DUH).
Well, we found that the place is literally swarming with Peacocks. They even named the Cafe inside, “Peacock Cafe”. And now I see why. Apparently one of the tables even comes with its own personal peacock.


  1. Yayyyyy! Here you are!! I love the peacock on the table!

    Hey, did you get any of the earthquake shakes??? How scary!

    xoxo Lori

  2. Hey Julie, I really like the new blog. Although as a MAC user I had no delays with the other one. But this one is so nice too.


  3. Hey Robbin! I'm glad you had no delays with the Mac blog. My husband and I never had problems with it either, as Mac people too. But I got a ton of emails from people who had trouble loading it, their computers would crash, or they couldn't leave comments. I finally caved. This is just the temporary look until it's my turn for the super duper blog makeover. I must say, I'm liking blogger so far!