Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wacky Wednesday #11

I got this lovely hairstyle during the summer after my freshman year in college. My high school friend Nicole did it. I remember her grumbling through it because she had never braided caucasian hair before, and my hair was... well, caucasian, and therefore much more slippery than she was used to. And it took an exhausting 4 or 5 hours to complete. I thought I looked so cool with those braids.

Ok, to be honest, I still think I looked cool. But for some reason, everyone who sees this picture laughs hysterically.

Why are you laughing at me? Aren’t I cool-looking with the braids??? Marshall says, “Because you’re white. White people don’t do that kind of hair unless they’re smoking something.

He’s just jealous his hair can’t do that.

You know, if Nicole wants to come out, visit me and re-create the hairstyle, I will gladly oblige. Though with her three kids and my three kids, finding a spare 4 to 5 hours for both of us would probably be a bigger challenge than her braiding my caucasian hair.

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