Monday, July 14, 2008

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I’ve been getting emails for a while now saying people have had trouble or have been unable to leave comments. First it was a problem with that silly scrambled image you have to copy, where people said they KNEW they typed the right thing and it still didn’t accept them. After a few tries they gave up. Sorry... I wish I could remove that option. Then, it seemed that people with the newest version of Firefox and Explorer were unable to leave a comment or even view the comments left by others. And now.... NO ONE can leave a comment. Not even me. Mac underwent a major software update/change from .Mac to MobileMe and apparently “comments” are just one of the glitches. (not to mention my problems trying to publish a post, this one included!)

Once I can arrange for a blog make-over, I believe I will be switching to blogger.

Thanks, by the way, to each and every one of you who took the time to contact me and let me know your problems with the comments. I rarely leave a comment on my own blog, so without you, I wouldn’t have had an idea. I’m sure glad I opened up my comments right before they had all these problems. (read with sarcasm)

So, for now, all of you are back to lurkers and I’m back to writing to myself.

Now back to my life where I’m up and dressed and have actually put my earrings on. (a first in over a week) No make-up yet, but hey... baby steps. I’ve got all the kids dressed and fed too, since the cleaning ladies are on their way and we need to get out of Dodge. I always dread when they are coming, but I LOVE coming home to a clean house.

What was that I said yesterday about finally having gotten a full 6 hours of sleep? Where was the wood that I was supposed to knock on to keep from jinxing myself? Because just a matter of hours later, our A/C died. Yep. Was blowing air. Just not cold air. I always have trouble sleeping well during the summer due to the warmer weather, and that’s WITH the A/C. It was 82 degrees when I went to bed at 11:30pm last night. And will be in the 90’s today again. Hopefully, the A/C fairy can come out and fix it this afternoon.

I’m gonna need that 6 full hours I got Saturday night to help get me through the day, because I have to actually leave the house, with the kids, while the cleaning ladies are here.
And I have to pick something that will take a couple hours and keep the kids happy.
So I’m thinking we’ll hit the Toys R Us and go up and down every single aisle slowly until the dust has settled is gone, and it’s safe for us to return.

Oh... which reminds me... many of you have asked how I find the time to parent three kids, homeschool, blog, and moderate three Yahoo groups. I’ve just given away my secret: Cleaning Ladies.

Life is so much better since I stopped having to vacuum, dust, scrub, etc. They also clean/change the bed sheets and even clean the windows. Did I mention they scoop the kitty litter? I’ve never asked them, and honestly, I try to keep it pretty clean, but that’s going above and beyond in my book.

I’ll leave you with the above picture of our two new kittens, who were sleeping like this together, just one day after being introduced to each other. I can hardly stand the cuteness. Two is definitely better than one, when it comes to kittens.

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