Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'll Let You In On A Little Secret...

Are you tired of my Mac blog taking a while to load? Tired of having trouble leaving comments?

If you choose to, you can view my same blog entries at Blogger. I had been waiting until I could get a blog makeover from a Fairy Blogmother before announcing the other blog, but I’m still on the waiting list of the lady who is going to do my makeover. And I’m getting a little tired of Mac’s blogging glitches while I wait. So, if you value speed of loading and ability to comment over aesthetics... feel free to go ahead and move on over. I’ll fix the aesthetics as soon as I can. And for those of you who like no-hassle comments, I’ve even taken off that pesky “image verification” for the other blog. I expect to get many, many comments from all of you now.

I’ve just transferred my address to the new blog. (though you can keep reading at the Mac address if you prefer until I make the official switch.)

For now, I’ll keep up both blogs. Since Mac is not friends with Blogger, and therefore doesn’t have an easy way to transfer old posts... I have started the very tedious task of importing all my old posts to the new blog, one at a time. Only have 100 or so more to go. Why, you ask, am I going to all this trouble to bring over old posts? Hmmm... good question. I’ve been asking myself that too lately.

Sounded like a much better idea before I actually started doing it.

Gotta go now. The most exciting week in television is starting tonight. I’m talking about Shark Week, of course. You better believe I’ve already set my Tivo so I don’t miss a single cheesy reenactment. This is television at it’s best!

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