Thursday, July 24, 2008


Marshall checked online and saw that our local mall’s Mac store had received a shipment of iPhones. So we arrived bright and early, before the mall opened. Of course there was already a line outside the store. People started lining up at 6:30am, which I think is a little silly considering it’s been out for a couple of weeks already.

Of course they probably don’t think they’re silly now. They ended up with iPhones. I waited in line for over an hour with my three kids. And guess what? The person in front of me got THE LAST iPHONE THEY HAD. I’m not bitter or anything. I’m just sitting here, staring at my empty iPhone case (which is purple, of course). We had ordered the iPhone case online and the rub-it-in fairies made sure it was waiting in a package outside my door when I returned home after NOT getting an iPhone.

On a totally different note, we noticed that our gray bunny Willow has not been seen in several days. I’ve checked both gates and there are no exit holes to be found. The only conclusion I can come to is that she must have been carried away by an animal. It’s a little surprising since she was as big as a cat and the only wild animals I’ve seen here are opossums and the occasional raccoon.

The other bunny Spike is still here, but as is typical in this situation (when one bunny that is part of a bonded pair dies), Spike is not eating. He lays in the hutch of the cage all day and night. Poor Spike.

Of course you know what this means. In our 10-pet household.... there is a slot free now for another pet. And there might just be a second slot opening up soon.

What? That’s a terrible thing to say. I know. I feel really bad about it too.

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