Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wacky Wednesday #8

I present you with a hideous picture of myself, 11 months pregnant with Haven. Ok, Ok, I was not 11 months pregnant. I just felt like it. Yes I am very aware of how unflattering this picture is. I was not one of those cute pregnant girls. And don’t you dare leave a comment telling me I was! Cause you would be lying and I’ll delete it.

I look so sweetly naive. Unaware of what the future would bring. I had no idea of the spit-up and poo explosions that were awaiting me. So serenely naive.

Don’t look too closely at those serious stretch marks that wrap around the under side of my abdomen. And in case you’re wondering... yes, they are still there. Though, thankfully that style of decorating is not.

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