Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wacky Wednesday #6

Awwww.... isn’t that a sweet picture of me, with my orange tabby named Tiger? Yeah, I loved that kitty, until he GOT RABIES AND BIT ME.

We found him dead the next day. My dad always said he died because he bit me. Way to go boosting the self-esteem, Dad. Though I must say, my dad did help me out a bit with this traumatic event. At the time, the current protocol for exposure to rabies, was a series of 30 (yes, THIRTY) shots in the stomach. As a doctor, my dad got a hold of the new rabies vaccine series, which only required 10 (yes, TEN) shots in the boot-ay. (plus a tetanus shot) I was the first one in my county to get the new rabies series. My mom (a nurse) and dad (a doctor), took turns different nights, giving me the shots, alternating “cheeks”. To help me feel better, my brother and sister decorated the boxes each shot came in, which made perfect little “beds” for my Star Wars figures.

I was 6 years old. I remember it all vividly... the bite... the shots... everything. It’s a wonder I still love cats so much.

And that’s pretty wacky.

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