Monday, June 2, 2008

Uh, Scratch That: Ragdoll Kitten Take Two

A trip to the vet yesterday told us that our new kitten Dumbledore was not healthy. (something we had started to suspect after we brought him home) We’ve been there, done that, and were not interested in doing that again. Our vet told us we should give him back to the breeder since we should not be starting out with a kitten that needs medical care. Thankfully, the breeder gave us a full refund. You could say the cat had a better return policy than the Ed Hardy shirt.

I thought for sure Marshall would not let us get another kitten after what happened, but he informed us on the way home from returning the kitten, that we were just going to have to get another kitten. He said that the one thing this kitten did in the 48 hours we had him, was to remind Marshall how much he loves kittens and he was determined that we get another one.

The minute we got home from the breeder, I got on the computer and started searching for other Ragdoll breeders. I talked to a few breeders on the phone, including one who had a male available to go home that day. (we think our female Sphynx will be happier if she is the only female kitty in the family, so we were only interested in a male kitten) We packed up the kids and headed over to take a look at the kitten. Just a couple of minutes observing and holding this kitten told us that it was much more healthy than our last one. We decided to bring him home with us and we named him Lupin. (yes, another Harry Potter reference)

He’s a Ragdoll, just like the previous kitten, so all the same breed characteristics will hold true for him as well.

Having this kitten less than 24 hours, we can already tell he is so much more healthy than our last one. He’s running, jumping, playing... all things the other one wouldn’t do. We’re having so much fun with this new kitty and we love him already.

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