Monday, June 16, 2008


There have been a lot of pleasant surprises since I started a blog and became active in the Ethiopian adoption community. For one, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know and becoming friends with a number of people adopting from Ethiopia. I’ve leapt head first into blogging, yahoo group memberships and moderating. I’m currently a moderator of the WHFC Ethiopia Yahoo group (the agency we used for our adoption of Marlie), the Christian Ethiopian adoption group (CAFEKids) and the Southern California Ethiopian adoption group.

As a moderator for these groups, I get contacted from time to time by people who want to advertise for an adoption-related product on our Yahoo group. Recently I was contacted by a woman named Amy who sells Adoption Language CDs and booklets. These CD/booklets contain translated phrases that are helpful for families adopting older children who are already verbal. Phrases like “I am your Mommy.” “You are going to live with us.” “We will take good care of you.” “Don’t be afraid.” “We are going to ride on an airplane.” It also has many helpful phrases once you are home with your child, like “This is your room.” “This is our church.” “Let’s hold hands.” “Be careful.” “Please don’t put that in your mouth.” “I won’t leave you.” “Do you need to go potty?”

Recently, she added an Amharic version of the CD/booklet to her website. Because I announced her CD/booklet in the Yahoo groups I moderate, she sent me the Amharic CD/booklet as a gift. Let me tell you... this product is fantastic! Even though we adopted Marlie as an infant, we plan to use it to help us learn some Amharic phrases which will help us communicate when we return to Ethiopia to visit. While it’s primarily written for a parent speaking to a child, there are some phrases that I think will help us get around in Ethiopia. Her CD/booklets are available in Amharic, Haitian Creole, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and Spanish. You can find her CD/booklets at

Something else cool happened recently... I got an email at the beginning of this month from a woman named Liz. In her email, she told me that my blog, my information on Ethiopian adoption, and especially the video of us meeting our daughter for the first time was such a huge part of their life for the last year as they were on their own Ethiopian adoption journey. (they will travel in July to pick up their new daughter!) She said our One Year Later video on YouTube helped her reluctant mother come around to the idea of their adoption. How cool is that? I was blown away to read how much of an influence we’ve had in their lives. To show her appreciation, she wanted to give me the gift of a free shirt from her new line of adoption themed t-shirts at Zazzle. She let me pick the shirt I wanted, which arrived in the mail today. What an awesome gift! I picked one of her “Pride of Ethiopia” shirts, which I thought would be perfect for Marlie. I absolutely love it. In fact, I love it so much, I just ordered another shirt from her. (Selam) Check out her new line of shirts at:

I’m really honored to be a part of the Ethiopian adoption community and am thrilled whenever I hear that I’ve helped others in their adoption journeys. It truly is my pleasure.

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