Monday, June 30, 2008

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem

Meet the newest member of our family. His name is Ollivander. “Olly” for short. He is a Ragdoll, just like Lupin. He is a seriously sweet kitty. And, in case you’re counting, this newest addition makes our current pet count at 10. (not counting our five Butterflies in the kitchen) Why did we need another pet, you ask? Well, because we had 9 pets. And “9” is an odd number. Who wants to be odd? Not me. Sure we could’ve gotten another fish to round out the pet total, but there were actually a couple of practical reasons to get another kitten.
First of all, we hope Olly will bring peace back to the family. The boys have been so excited that we finally had a cat they could carry around (Lupin), that they argued constantly over whose turn it was to hold him. Now they can each carry a kitten.

Secondly, our kitten Lupin needed another kitten. While our older two indoor cats accepted him, they are not generally in the mood to chase and wrestle with him. Not for lack of trying, as he frequently jumps on their backs.

Getting our kitten was quite an experience. The breeder said it would be hard to find her place, so she met us at a nearby restaurant and had us follow her. We followed her into a mobile home park and we were interested to see how many cats she could fit in a mobile home. But she didn’t actually take us to a mobile home. Nope. She lives in a RV. Yep. With over 30 cats. Oh and did I mention she smokes? All five of us crammed in her stale smoky RV, careful to not step on any cats. We picked our kitty and I wrote the check immediately, but still the process somehow took an hour and 1/2. Don’t ask me why. Oh, and she didn’t have A/C. The breeder was very nice though and amazingly (considering the cats-to-space ratio), all the cats looked very clean and healthy. She had a few different litters of kittens, so it was fun for the kids (and us) to see kittens at all different ages, including one litter that was just 4 days old. After we got home, I made everyone take off their clothes so I could burn wash them. And then I had to shower because my hair was carrying a new scent I’ve named eau-de-cigarette.

So now we have 5 cats (one of which is an outside cat). I think that officially qualifies me as “The Crazy Cat Lady”. Which means I need to go out and get the action figure.

And just last night Marshall was bringing up the Leopard Tortoise again. Is he offering to take care of it? No, that’s my job, he says. Marshall has even picked a name for his non-existent pet tortoise.

Somebody stop us. Please.

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