Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wacky Wednesday #3

It’s Wacky Wednesday again! Apparently I’m doing this weekly now. For now anyway.

Photo Description: My 6th grade school photo. Do I really need to say more? Probably not, but I will. At this point my mom was still dressing me, so can I be held responsible for that? Oh let’s hope not. First off, you’ll notice that I’m wearing some sort of freaky ruffly shirt, but it’s important to note that the shirt colors are “Autumn” colors. Remember that darn color analysis? Where everyone in the world is categorized into being a “Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn”. You look your best, if you wear the colors of your season! My mom lived by it (and still does). And of course part of knowing about your “season”, means that you can accurately categorize everyone else by simple glance and then have the right and duty to rattle off all the colors they are allowed to wear, and not allowed to wear. Once you subscribe to the color analysis, you find yourself witness to ridiculous conversations like, “Oh, she really shouldn’t wear that color... she is a Winter and therefore should NOT be wearing an Autumn color.”

If you examined my entire wardrobe from birth (or from whenever the color analysis was discovered), you would find each and every article of clothing I owned, was an “Autumn” color. You see I’m a redhead. (I don’t know if you noticed that or not.) I’ve got the pigment-free skin and the freckles to prove it. Apparently being an “Autumn” means I must wear colors like peach and teal and off-white, and lets not forget earth-tones. Glorious earth-tones. Heaven forbid I wear a color like red or black or white, which are NOT part of my “color season”.

Perhaps the earth would spin off its axis and the world would fall into complete chaos. I don’t know. Never tried it. The color analysis has been engrained in me. So while I will avoid like the plague, the colors of my youth that my mom made me wear a little too much (specifically peach and teal), I more or less stick to the Autumn colors. Hey, I want to look my best too.

And what about those glasses? Who ever said that HUGE glasses with tint were a good idea? Cause I’d like to smack them. Right now and often. Notice the glasses tint is an “Autumn” color. Don’t think for a minute that’s a coincidence.

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