Friday, May 23, 2008

"Guess Who I Saw Today?"

I told you about this little game Marshall does with me, letting me know all the famous people he runs into every day at work. And then I tell him about potty training and changing diapers and everything that I deal with at home. Gee, I wonder which of us has the more glamorous job. (Read with sarcasm. I don’t really need someone to tell me the answer.)

Ok, but this time I’ve got the actual picture of the famous person walking into the actual studio. Apparently the paparazzi are now staking out the outside of my hubby’s work. Oh, maybe they’ll get a picture of Marshall walking in to work! That would be exciting. Maybe Marshall should get a big leather man-purse like that. Then the paparazzi will know he’s important. (I already know he’s important, even without the man-purse)

Mr. McConaughey has been coming in for a week or so. Working on some movie about naked girls, pot smoking, and surfing. (in that order) Everyone at work is a little surprised to see him come dressed wearing a shirt. I didn’t know he had any. And for the record, Marshall did not tell me he is “ugly” or “too skinny”. I think those labels just apply to the ladies.

Marshall’s not working on M.M’s film. Nope, he’s working on a Don Cheadle spy thriller movie called, “Traitor”. And from the trailer, it looks like it is going to be good! Well that, and Marshall told me it was good.

Click Here for the movie trailer.

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