Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Guess Who I Ran Into?"

Marshall works in the film industry, mixing sound for movies. He likes to play this game with me where he’ll either call or IM me.

Marshall:Guess who I just ran into, in the studio today?

Julie:I don’t know, tell me.”

Marshall:Vanessa Williams

Julie:That’s cool. What’s she like?

Marshall:Totally ugly.

His celebrity sightings at work sometimes take place in the men’s restroom. And in that case it’s a little awkward to question him about what the celebrity is “like”.

Usually it’s pretty fun to hear who he meets, who he runs into, who he’s shooting the breeze with, etc. And then it’s like... Wow... my husband knows someone really famous, so that makes him kind of famous and then I’m slightly famous by association right? Hey, I like living in this fantasy world of mine. Don’t burst my bubble. I’m just a simple homemaker with very limited adult interaction. I can at least pretend that I’m important.

So today I got an Instant Message from Marshall.

Marshall:Hey, I just ran into Eva Mendes. Literally, ran into her. She apologized though.

Julie:Oh, yeah? Uh, she’s probably ugly in person, right?

Marshall:SO ugly!

In the 12 and 1/2 years Marshall has worked in the industry, he’s seen, met and worked with a lot of celebrities. And from what he’s said, all the women celebrities are really ugly in person. And they’re all way too skinny, too.

He’s a good man.

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