Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bunny Update

So I know the whole bunny cage/ramp/backyard thing has had you all riveted, sitting on the ends of your seats.... perhaps some of you have even been losing sleep over the all important question: Will the bunnies ever figure out how to use the ramp to get in and out of their cage at will?

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is the news you have been waiting for... The bunnies are using the ramp to get in and out of their cage! !

I know, I know... earth shattering news, really. Throughout the day, the bunnies divide their time between the cage and the yard. Always together, though. When the sun goes down, they return to the cage for the night, where they stay until the morning. Very sweet really. Except for the fact that my whole motivation for bunny proofing the backyard was so that I could STOP CLEANING THE LITTER BOX IN THEIR CAGE.

And being the very smart bunnies that they are, I’ve actually seen them go up into their cage for the sole purpose of using their litter box, only to return to the backyard afterwards. I think they’re doing this on purpose. Just like they stare at me with their beady little eyes in a way that I can’t tell if they’re looking at me or not. Are they looking at me? Or are they looking at each other? I can never tell.

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