Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wacky Wednesday Starts Tomorrow!

So some of my more sophisticated bloggy friends have a blog series they call “Wordless Wednesday” where they post a picture (on a Wednesday). No words are necessary because often the picture speaks for itself. So, I decided to add a similar series to my blog, but instead call it “Wacky Wednesday” and I’ll try to include some of the most embarrassing photos of myself. But since I’m doing “wacky” instead of “wordless”, I’ll be able to give a written commentary on the photo provided.

So why start a series showcasing my most embarrassing pictures? Well if I can’t make fun of other people, I can at least make fun of myself. Really... if I’ve got the pictures, what good are they stuffed in a box in my closet? So, I’m gonna use them. If they make me laugh, they might make you laugh too. And who knows....maybe I’ll throw in some embarrassing pictures of the kids too. Unless they are really, really nice to me. Or give me money.

I’m thinking I’ll do this the last Wednesday of every month, or whenever I remember to do it. I’ll keep this series going as long as I want to continue it, or until I run out of embarrassing pictures. (whichever comes first)

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  1. one who cam laugh on himself only has the right to laugh on others !