Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Such a Tease!

Look... she loves me sooo much, she put herself in a shape of a heart while I was holding her. I made Marshall take a picture so I could capture the moment.

The kids are absolutely THRILLED with our new pet. They are all acting like we got a new puppy. All three of them have held her. The only one who hasn’t yet held Nagini is Marshall and I don’t have such high hopes in that category. Both Seamus and Haven have independently come to the conclusion that we need a second snake. They both have been voicing those opinions to Marshall and I frequently. Marshall knows all he would have to do is give permission and we would totally get another one. But I’m trying to agree to my set of “conditions” that we’d only have one. Doesn’t keep me from teasing about getting another snake from time to time.

Me:So I can only buy frozen mice in a quantity of 100. They last for 6 months in the freezer, and I feed Nagini once a week. So it kind of makes sense to get another snake so the mice don’t go to waste, or we need to get some sort of vacuum sealer for the mice to make them last longer.

Marshall:I’ll go and get a vacuum sealer right now.

So Haven is working hard on breaking Daddy down. He’s even picked a name for this non-existent second snake. “Neville Longbottom”. And if you’re familiar with the last book in the Harry Potter series, I think that makes a great name for a second snake, when you’re first snake is named “Nagini”. He told me this morning that he had a dream that we got “Neville”.

Keep dreaming, Haven.

Although Marshall decided to try to strike a bargain with me last night re: another snake. While reading his latest issue of Road & Track.

Marshall: (after he shows me the picture of a Nissan GTR, which is a fancy $72,000 2-door sports car) “Hey, you know, if you let me get this car, you can have another snake.

Me:Can you fit all three kids in the second row and is there a fold-down third row for extra seating?

Marshall:Yep” (lies through his teeth)

Me:Ah-huh” (sarcastically)

Marshall:If I can get this car, you can get TWO more snakes. That’s THREE total... you’re FAVORITE number!

Me:That’s just not nice

Marshall: And you can get whatever fancy cage set-up you want for the three snakes.”

Now Marshall and I have been known to make bargains with each other in the past. They usually involve something completely impractical and something we can’t afford.

Marshall:You can get a new computer if I can get a new computer

Me: Ok

And the bargaining works both ways.

Me:You can get a new lens for your camera if I can get another (special breed) cat.”


And this is why two “youngest children” should not be married to each other. Neither one of us is the voice of reason.

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