Monday, April 28, 2008

Snakes Are Not Vegetarians

I came across this advertisement yesterday in People magazine. Ok, so it was Reptiles Magazine. For some reason it made me laugh hysterically caught my eye. Now that I’m the proud owner of two snakes, I, naturally, have to make sure they are fed. And they ain’t eating vegetables. Right now they are eating baby mice, AKA “pinkies”. The idea doesn’t bug me one bit. I mean... it’s all part of the food chain. However, I do prefer my mice frozen, so I’m not directly responsible for the ending of their lives. That way I can live in my own little fantasy world where I pretend frozen mice grow on trees. All I have to worry about is ordering these frozen mice online. Which leads me to this advertisement. I’m fairly new to the “reading reptile magazines” community, so this a new experience for me. In the back of the magazines, there are tons of advertisements for companies that provide frozen mice. I think the most fun (for me, not the mice) is the names of these companies. Of course you get your generic “” and your “”, but then you get your “”, “” or my personal favorite, “”. One of the websites even refers to the frozen mice as “micecicles”. Or Petco, who calls their frozen mice “Arctic Mice”. Ingenious. And kinda funny. In a sick kind of way. But still funny. For me.

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