Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Should I Let Them In?

Say hello to our new security camera. Mounted just outside our front door. It provides a live feed directly to my computer. That way whenever someone comes to the door and my big, protective husband is not home... I can just mosey on over to my computer and see if I want to open the door or not.

Ok, if I’m being completely honest, it’s likely there will not be a “mosey”, since I’m always at the computer. Most likely, all I will have to do is just look up to the left top corner of my 24” monitor. That way I can see if I need to exert all the energy it takes to stand up and walk over to the door or whether I can ignore the person at the door and hope they go away. Quickly.

No I’m not really as lazy as I made it sound. Well maybe a little. Actually, the security camera was Marshall’s idea after we had three different, obnoxious men approach my door in a span of a week. Each time, the men had read my note to solicitors, and each time they decided they still needed to do their sales pitch or whatever their business was. Each time, after standing on my tippy toes and looking at them through the window in the door, I made the decision not to open the door.

When it’s dark outside and I’m the only adult in the house and a strange man is at my door, trying to get me to open it... I usually decide not to open my door. Once I decide not to open my door, I usually shout a “No Thank You” through my door and the unwanted solicitor leaves. But it just so happens that in this particular week, each of these strange gentlemen decided not to leave. One of the times it was two men. And while my sign to solicitors informs that I will charge a $20 inconvenience fee if someone rings my doorbell, these two men insisted on me opening my door, even holding up a $20 bill to the door window for me to see. They thought they were hilarious. They were laughing. They were both well over 6 feet tall. I may have lost a chance to make $20 that day, but I think I made the right decision to not open the door. I ended up having to call Marshall on the phone. I made sure they could see me through the window and hear what I was saying. And I may have made it sound a teensy weensy bit like I was calling the police when Marshall answered. Then and only then did they leave. (running)

I try not to be overly paranoid, but I don’t want to be naive. We live in a pretty safe, suburban area, but we do get a LOT of solicitors at our door. When I put up my sign to solicitors, the amount of people at my door dropped dramatically. Though some idiots think my sign just means they have to knock instead of ringing the doorbell. (I may alter the sign to include knocking)

But now that I have this nifty security camera, I can spy on whoever is at my door without them knowing it. They don’t have to know that I know that they know that I know they’re there. Got it?

So if you find yourself outside my front door, reading my sign... don’t forget to look up at the nice camera and wave. Because you know that I know you’re there.

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