Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Greetings!

Happy Easter everyone. Oh I know it’s a day late. I was in an Easter candy-induced coma and didn’t feel like blogging, if you must. But I did at least nag Marshall to take the obligatory Easter shots of the kids. Our purple house makes such a nice background, don’t ya think? And if you think Marlie is just the cutest little Easter belle, I must confess it is Marshall who picked out her outfit. You do NOT want to go up against Marshall when he has picked out an outfit for Marlie. At the store, he held up that dress and announced that he was holding THE EASTER DRESS. Momentarily forgetting my place in the family, I said, “Well, what about this one or this one?” And then I was immediately shot down with a look that seemed to convey the messages, “I am the head of the family and you will submit to my dominance, woman” and “Whether you like it or not, I’m buying it and I WILL put our daughter into this dress on Easter morning” all at the same time. I whined and stamped my foot in protest immediately submitted to hubby’s authority and accepted defeat. Is that the outfit I would have picked if I was shopping by myself? No. But I must admit, she does look pretty darn cute in it. And I got to be the one who picked out the boys’ outfits. Excitement right there, I tell you. Hard to tell from the picture, but in person, Seamus and Haven’s outfits do indeed compliment Marlie’s dress.

We started off the Easter presenting the kids with their Easter baskets. Hey, look at all this Easter candy that you can’t have until after lunch. Gosh we’re such nice parents. Early in the morning I started the Keith Green marathon that continued at various times throughout the day. To me, it’s just not Easter without Keith Green. Then we headed to the Hollywood Bowl, where our church has been having it’s Easter service for the last three years. Once again, we managed to score box seats and we invited our dear friends Angie and Anil to join us. Haven has decided that he (and the other kids) will now refer to them as “Aunt Angie” and “Uncle Anil”. Does confuse things a little if Marlie is to be betrothed to her “cousin Noah”. We’ll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it. We brought the fruit and water while Angie and Anil brought the hard boiled eggs (that she colored and labeled for each person!) and Krispy Kreme Donuts. I think we definitely made out on the better end of the deal. Here, have an apple slice... now give me one of those donuts! The service was fabulous, as always.

We got home and made the kids hide out in a bedroom while Marshall and I hid the candy filled Easter eggs throughout the rest of the house. And since we’re a pirate-obsessed family, I put a “black spot” in one of the eggs. But, instead of receiving a warning of impending doom, the finder of the egg with the black spot would win a small booty of extra candy. I then gave instructions to the kids before setting them loose with their baskets. Of course Haven was forbidden to pick up any eggs on the floor, to help level the playing field. And here I thought I’d have to help point out eggs to Marlie... but she caught on to the objective so quickly and has a little set of eagle eyes, that she nearly got as many eggs as Haven. Seamus was the one I had to “help” and really only because he was so considerate, that he’d then point out the egg to one of his siblings so they could pick it up. He doesn’t really have that “every man for himself” mentality quite yet. We’ll need to work on that a little if he is to grow up to be a pirate. So then we let the kids go loose on a good bit of the candy and directly afterward put them down for a nap. (probably not the best plan in retrospect)

We finished our lovely Easter with dinner at Buca di Beppo. That’s Marlie’s favorite place to eat. How many other 2 year olds do you know that just ADORE Chicken Parmigiana? She is so silly, that girl. We had a great time, as always.

Back home to stuff our faces with candy and then to bed. In other words, it was a perfect Easter.

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