Friday, February 15, 2008

My Second Attempt At Painting

Ok, this is more like it. Apparently I do much better if I’m looking at a picture of someone else’s work and I try to copy it. So I’m not so much the original-work kind of gal. Apparently I’m a copy-cat kind of gal. I bought a Bob Ross book that contains 60 of his favorite paintings. And this was one of them. Well, not this one, because I painted this one, but this is my attempt to copy a Bob Ross painting that I found in his book. And I’m very satisfied with it. See? I even signed it. And who knows, I might even frame it.

Something strange has happened to me, however, since Marshall surprised me last week with my easel and various other Bob Ross painting accessories. I temporarily lost the urge to blog. Apparently, along with being a copy-cat-painting kind of gal, I’m a only-one-creative-outlet kind of gal as well. You see, with painting, I’ve been using up all my creative juices and I’ve had no urge whatsoever to post in my blog. (hence the entire week between the previous two entries)

Can painting and blogging peacefully co-exist in my otherwise very boring and relaxing life as a homeschooling mother of three? That remains to be seen. While I am enjoying the painting, I don’t know how often I can churn one of these puppies out. The kids are tucked safely in their beds by 10:30pm, so the earliest I can get started painting is 11pm, usually finishing by 2am. Then I have to clean the brushes and the palate and then get ready for bed. It’s a little late, even for a night owl like me. Plus, the evening time after the kids are in bed is my time to cuddle on the couch with my awesome hubby and watch our usual favorite TV shows like Dirty Jobs and LA Ink. So to commit to a painting means I give up the evening with my hubby, stay up really late only to be tired and grouchy in the mornings, all the while losing my urge to blog. And before you ask... yes I do have to start and finish the painting in one sitting. I’m doing the Bob Ross wet paint-on-wet paint technique!

So for now, I’ll continue on in my regular life, blogging when the mood strikes me and painting when I feel inspired. Hopefully the inspiration to paint will hit me on a Friday night so I can sleep in the next morning. Yes I get to sleep in on Saturdays. Doesn’t everyone?

And as for our resident art critic? Haven loved my second painting as well, but he told me he thinks I should try painting a cabin in the next one. Hmmmm........ How long before he asks me to paint an AT-AT? Only a matter of time.

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