Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Who I'm Voting For...

Usually I try to avoid any controversial topics on my blog. I don’t ask the hard hitting questions. I don’t try to get you all to think. I try to avoid getting myself to think too. I’ll never win the “Thinking Blogger Award.” You can usually count on coming to my website and reading mind-jelly-inducing, nonsense thoughts from my mind, without worrying about disagreeing with my strong opinions or being offended. Well technically you can disagree in your head (or in your yahoo group), but not on my blog (since I keep the comments turned off).

But now, with the 2008 election coming up, and everyone sharing their politics, I feel it is time I share mine too. For the longest time I had no idea who to vote for. None of the candidates seemed to stand out as “The One” as far as I was concerned. But ladies and gentlemen (all 7 of you who read my blog)... I have made my decision. And not only have I made my decision, but I’m so passionate... I have ordered the bumper sticker. And as soon as it arrives it will replace my current pro-adoption bumper sticker. In all fairness, my pro-adoption bumper sticker has completely faded and is unreadable, so it needs to be replaced anyway. (not making a statement that my politics trump my pro-adoption-ness)

Ok... without further ado... I will now reveal who I am voting for. Prepare to agree or disagree (depending on your political views).... prepare to think more highly of me, or less of me.... prepare to be challenged.... prepare to think....

I am voting for........ Jack. And yes, this sticker (scroll down) is really going to go on my minivan.

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  1. Now THIS is a team I can get behind. In more ways than one!