Sunday, July 20, 2008

No One Warned Me

So we decided to take the kids to the movie theater to see Wall-e. I had seen the trailers and everything but I was still not prepared for what I saw.

Hey, did you know that Wall-e’s best friend is a COCKROACH??? And that this COCKROACH is featured in a good 60% of the movie... with creepy wing-fluttering sounds to make it seem even more realistic. Remember how I have an unnatural phobia of roaches? Well, let’s just say that I sat there in the theater with my eyes closed for most of the movie.

What is Disney thinking? They pulled the same thing with their latest princess movie, Enchanted. You know, normally, how the princess sings, and the birds and mice clean up her little cottage in the woods... except in Enchanted, she was in New York, so when she sang, it was rats and cockroaches who responded and cleaned up the apartment. I think they even danced... not sure ‘cause my eyes were closed for that too.

It’s bad enough that I get bombarded with roaches in TV commercials without warning... but why do they have to make them a part of Disney movies?
First they created that Princess line. And now they’re putting roaches in their movies.

Disney deserves to be taken out for this.