Saturday, January 5, 2008

More Piratey Goodness

I love when I come back to my computer after being away for a few minutes, only to find a new picture on my screen, taken minutes (maybe seconds) earlier while I was in the other room.

I had no idea there was such piratey goodness going on in front of my computer cam today. All of that is just adorable as can be, but you know what I’m thinking when I look at that picture? Hubby needs to give me back my hat! (I included the picture of “Pirate Marlie” because if I’m going to talk about pirates, she is just too cute to leave out)

Pirate play has got to be one of our favorite family activities. All of us (even Marlie) chase each other around the house with our swords and talk with our best pirate accents, telling each other to do piratey things like “swab the deck” and “walk the plank” while trying to steal each other’s booty. And by “booty” I mean pirate treasure of course. That is, when the kids are involved. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum glass of Merlot!

And yes we each have our own pirate hats, swords and eye patches.... doesn’t every family?? Every once in a while one of us breaks character accidentally. Last night in the midst of pirate family bonding, Long John Haven very politely asked if I would please open the door for him. Then he said, “No, wait. Pirates don’t use manners! I mean, OPEN THE DOOR FOR ME YOU SCURVY DOG!!!!” Makes a mother proud.

Just one question though: Should I be concerned that while playing by herself, Marlie puts her My Little Ponies on her big brother’s pirate ship and promptly says, “AAARRRRGGGHHH”???

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