Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crazy 8's

I’ve been tagged by my great friend Blaine to do this meme. I’m accompanying it with a lovely retro picture of myself. Must have made my mom proud that year when she opened the envelope of school pictures to find this.

8 Things I’m Passionate About...

  1. God

  2. My hubby

  3. My kids

  4. Dr. Pepper

  5. My sleep

  6. Internet

  7. Blogs

  8. Not Chickens

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die...

  1. Grow old with my hubby

  2. Raise and homeschool my kids.

  3. Have close relationships with all my kids when they’re grown.

  4. Live to see and enjoy the offspring of all my children.

  5. Travel to Ireland.

  6. Return to visit Ethiopia as a family.

  7. Paint a Bob Ross painting.

  8. Eliminate the neighbor’s chickens.

8 Things I Say Often...

  1. “I love you”

  2. “Don’t put that in your mouth!”

  3. “AIM IT DOWN!!!!” (potty training a boy)

  4. “Cause that’s how God made us.” (my generic answer for everything)

  5. “Tell me the truth”

  6. “Tell (insert sibling’s name here) you’re sorry”

  7. “Ya wanna run out and get me a Dr. Pepper?” (to my dear hubby)

  8. “Stupid chickens!” (middle of the night & early morning hours)

8 TV Shows I’ve Recently Watched...

  1. Dirty Jobs

  2. John and Kate +8

  3. My Big Redneck Wedding

  4. Trick My Truck (yes we just discovered the CMT channel)

  5. LA Ink

  6. Little People Big World

  7. Mythbusters

  8. The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross (I TIVO every episode)

8 18 (cause I can’t narrow it down and could probably go on to #88 but you’ll get bored reading so I’ll stop at #18) Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over...

  1. Come on Eileen - Dexy’s Midnight Runners

  2. Be Thou My Vision - A traditional Christian hymn

  3. Don’t Panic - Coldplay

  4. Gravedigger - Dave Matthews

  5. My Immortal - Evanescence

  6. Let Go - Frou Frou

  7. Mama - Genesis

  8. Annachie Gordon - Loreena McKennitt

  9. El 7 De Septiembre - Mecano

  10. Down Under - Men At Work

  11. Ohio - Over The Rhine

  12. Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar

  13. In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins

  14. Let Me Roll - Seal

  15. Any song by Sting

  16. We Don’t Need Another Hero - Tina Turner

  17. Africa - Toto

  18. Akal Le Akal - Zeritu Kebede

8 Things That Attract Me To My Best Friends...

  1. They’re honest.

  2. They’re funny

  3. They listen.

  4. They call me (because I’m horrible at calling people).

  5. They accept me and all my quirks.

  6. They agree with me all most of the time.

  7. They’re beautiful (on the inside, of course).

  8. They don’t own chickens.

8 Things I’ve Learned (or been reminded of) This Past Year...

  1. Some children need to be put in footed pj’s to prevent them from accessing their diaper during nap time.

  2. Sometimes the footed pj’s need to be put on backwards (or with duct tape) to prevent said child from removing them during nap time and accessing their diaper.

  3. I’m very lucky to have the husband I have.

  4. I hit the jackpot with each of my children.

  5. There are no accidents... just happy mistakes (life lessons courtesy Bob Ross)

  6. Expect the unexpected... like being hit on by your female Gymboree teacher, being accused of being a spy, your neighbor acquiring chickens or seeing Britney Spears at your church.

  7. My sister makes really awesome handmade cards.

  8. I do not like being woken up by chickens.

8 People I Think Should Do “8”...

  1. Laura

  2. Karen

  3. Chandra

  4. Chou-Chou

  5. Kiara

  6. Angie

  7. Yemi

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