Sunday, December 23, 2007


So I completely ruined our date tonight. Let me back up a minute and explain. First of all, we’ve been loving our new Netflix subscription. Every Friday is pizza/movie family night. Now that we have Netflix and a 2-movie-at-a-time subscription, our second movie is a “big people movie” for Marshall and I to watch after the kids are in bed. Well I heard one particular movie was good, so we rented it and decided to watch it tonight. The movie is called, “Waitress”. It stars Nathan Fillion and Keri Russell. The main actors from Firefly and Felicity join together to make a movie. If that’s not a recipe for a great movie, I don’t know what is.

As the movie was starting, Marshall noticed from the opening credits that the director (Adrienne Shelly) wrote the movie and is also one of the characters. Interesting little fact. So the movie was ok. I was a little uncomfortable with the married characters cheating. At first I thought it was due to my moral code because I’m very much against married people having affairs. But then I realized that I was really just upset about Nathan Fillion’s character cheating and not so much at Keri Russell’s character cheating. Maybe just because I like Nathan Fillion and I think he’s a good guy in real life who would never do that. And of course I know this because of my great character assessment of him as a person, that I’ve derived from the roles he’s played... except for his role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer where he was a homicidal demon guy who dressed like a preacher... and this is not helping explain why I think he’s such an upstanding guy.

So I was a little upset that he was married and having an affair in the movie because in my happy little world, people I like don’t do things like that, even though one could point out that HE wasn’t doing that, he was just acting in a movie, but all that is to explain why I didn’t like the movie so much. Though I did think he and Keri Russell were great in the movie (except for the cheating part).

So anyway, we’re watching the credits after the movie, like we always have to do because when you’re married to someone who works on movies, you always have to sit through the ENTIRE credits at the end of EVERY movie so your movie-working-spouse can see who worked on it, to see if it’s anyone they know. Besides, Marshall wanted to see if the quirky waitress friend of Keri Russell is the director who wrote the movie. And sure enough it was. How cool! She was funny in the movie. And then, at the very end of the credits, it says, “In loving memory of Adrienne Shelly” (the director/writer/actress). WHAT??? And then I had one of those “OH” moments. And I blurt out.... “Oh, she’s the one who was brutally murdered before the release of the movie by some illegal alien contractor guy because they argued about the construction noise he was making in her building and he killed her, and she left behind a 2 year old daughter and a husband.

Marshall: “That’s REALLY depressing! Why did you tell me that???

Me: “Uh, I remember reading about it when it happened, and I knew the lady who died was a costar of Keri Russell’s on some movie, but I didn’t know it was THIS movie.

Marshall: “Well now I feel guilty for not liking her movie better. That’s really awful.

Me: “Yeah. That’s really depressing.

Marshall: “Why did you have to pick this movie anyway? Don’t you know I just finished working on “________” (rhymes with Jambo) and just about everyone in the movie dies, and then you go and rent this movie where the director who wrote it and acted in it was murdered before it is released???

Me: “I didn’t know it was THIS movie!

Marshall: “Well, next time you decide to add a movie to our Netflix queue, you need to google the movie you want to watch and ‘death’ before you rent it. What’s next??? I suppose you wanna go watch ‘The Crow’ now???

Me: “I like ‘The Crow’.”

Marshall: “Yeah, me too. I saw it in the theater on opening night just for an act of solidarity.

Me: “I saw it in the theater too. Oh, and I would have never realized this was the movie if we hadn’t sat through the entire credits and saw the ‘In Memory of Adrienne Shelly’ at the end.

Marshall: “Well why didn’t you complain about sitting through the credits? If you had complained, I would have turned off the movie and we would’ve never seen that part.

Me: “Yep

Marshall: “Ok, I need to play some ‘Call of Duty 4’.” (xbox 360)

Me: “Alrighty. I’ll just get on my computer and blog about how I ruined our date night.”


Oh, and on a completely different note, I had a dream last night that I went to a friend’s house. And this friend had some sort of platform/couch/bed which took up 1/2 of her living room. Anyway, in my dream, I looked under the platform and there was about a million cockroaches crawling around underneath. So many that you couldn’t even see the floor. Yes, a true nightmare for a roach-a-phobic. Hmmm.... I wonder why I would have a dream like that?

Any guesses???

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