Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Queen of De-Nile

Ya like my “self-portrait” I took with my computer camera? I’m looking like a hottie, aren’t I? I took that picture on Friday, right after I got my hair cut. My hairdresser always does something fantastic like that with my hair, that I can never attempt to reproduce on my own. But sitting there at the computer in that picture... that’s much what I look like right now while I type. Minus the straight hair and makeup. And I’m wearing my pajamas and slippers. And I’m cold so I have a ugly cozy sweater on top of my pajamas. And I have a tension headache, so I’m wearing one of those microwave bean bag shoulder drape things they force you to buy at the mall. Other than that, I look EXACTLY like I do in that picture.

So if I can still squeeze into a size 8 pair of jeans, that means I’m still a size 8, right? Never mind they are stretch jeans and made by a company known for inflating their sizes. If it says “size 8” on the label, then I’m still a size 8, right? RIGHT??? Right. I’ll just be stepping on my treadmill now....

Before we brought Marlie home I ran on my treadmill seven days a week and though I’ve tried several times, I just can’t get back into that daily groove. I’d much rather sit at my computer and write random thoughts in my blog, much like I’m doing now.

Though the exercise alone won’t make a difference. I need to cut calories too. I’ve been thinking of doing one of those liquid diets. But the one problem is that I can’t stand the taste of those shakes. So I had the brilliant idea of going on a Dr. Pepper liquid diet. Now that’s something I can stick with. All Dr. Pepper, all the time. Finally, a liquid diet where I don’t feel deprived. Maybe I can get an IV drip. Though Marshall claims I very nearly have one with my current Dr. Pepper intake.

So I’ll try that, with the Dr. Pepper liquid diet and the running on the treadmill. I think I’ll start my Dr. Pepper diet now and the treadmill part tomorrow. Or the next day. Or whenever I really feel like running again.

I guess I won’t be trying Wienerschnitzel’s new chili cheese fries burrito for lunch. And I was looking forward to trying that.

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