Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our Christmas Picture???

Whatcha think? Is it Christmas card-worthy? We went to the Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena this weekend in an attempt to take a photo for our Christmas card. Marshall took 195 photos and we only got ONE good picture. (unless of course you count the above picture) I must admit I did entertain the thought of making this the official picture, but with all those fringe people who only receive a picture of the kids once a year, I figured I should choose a picture where you can see everyone’s faces.

This was probably one of the most painful photo sessions we’ve done. Two grumpy parents trying to get three uncooperative kids to give us “the money shot”. Marshall and I were barking orders... “Seamus, put your hand down.” “Haven, stop giving us the fake smile.” “Marlie, look at Daddy.” “Marlie!” “MARLIE!!!! Over here!!!!” “MARLIE!!!” “Seamus!” “Seamus, look at Daddy!” (we had to repeat each “request” hundreds of times because our short-term-memory-challenged kids kept forgetting.) Oh yes we started out making our requests politely, but by the end we were yelling elevating our voices. We shifted from threatening, to bargaining, to bribing, to pleading.... “Listen guys... if you JUST all smile at the camera, we can be DONE.” (I say with a forced smile and clenched teeth) “Come on, pretend you’re happy to be here, taking pictures!!!” I tried my old standby, which apparently doesn’t work on grumpy kids. “I’m gonna tickle whoever’s not smiling!!!” (as I run up toward the kids) Seamus immediately whines, “Nooooo, I don’t like that.” Grrrrrrr. The winning photo came surprisingly toward the end, about 30 minutes after I had officially given up. Thankfully Marshall ignored my exasperated, repeat requests, “Let’s just go home!

Oh, and the winning photo??? I’m not showing it. Yet. It’s going to be on my Christmas card, that a few of you will be receiving, so I want it to be a surprise. After xmas, I’ll share it, I promise.

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