Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wow, My Sister Is So Amazing!!!

This first "aired" Nov. 2007. But just like a commercial... sometimes posts need to be repeated. My sister said she'll stop talking to me if I don't send more people over to her site to buy cards. I can't afford to lose her. She's the only family I have left!!! Well, except for my brother... And my mom... And my dad and stepmom... And some aunts and uncles... Some cousins too... nieces and nephew... grandma and grandpa. But if you value my relationship with my sister, you'll keep reading. Please!

(ok, so maybe she has no idea I'm posting this again)

Wow, my sister is so amazing!!! Actually she told me to say that. Really. She did. But she is really amazing whether she told me to say that or not. I mean, LOOK at these amazing handmade cards that she makes!!! And these are just a small sampling of her amazing cards. And any of these cards can be YOURS for the low, low price of $2.00 or $3.00 per card, depending on the size. All cards are blank inside. But WAIT, there’s MORE! If you call log on to her website in the next 5 minutes, you will get FREE shipping!!! Ok, ok, so you don’t have to log on in the next five minutes. Everyone actually gets free shipping. (Sorry, U.S. orders only; offer valid on orders of $15.00 or more )

Not convinced yet? Come on, you NEED to buy some of these handmade cards. You can even pretend that YOU made them. (as long as the recipient doesn’t look at her logo on the back of the card.) Oh no, I’m not encouraging you to lie... that’s WRONG. Just kidding about that. Hee hee.

Still not convinced? How about the fact that she agreed to give me 50% of her profits? So by buying these cards, you’re actually helping ME out, which is the most important thing here, right? Well, actually, to be completely truthful, she didn’t promise me a cut of her profits. I don’t get anything whether you buy her cards or not. No folks, my reward is just my sister’s love. Which I’ve been denied my whole life and if you buy her cards, I’ll finally get the acceptance and love from her that I’ve been longing for, for 33 long years. Are ya crying yet? I am. sniff, sniff.

And did I mention she’s a single mother of 14 children???? Well I probably didn’t mention it because she only has two children. And she’s married. But her husband is a Dr. Pepper addict like me, and he needs her to sell these cards so she can support his habit. Otherwise he’ll beat her. Well, no he won’t because he’s a really awesome guy, but you STILL NEED TO BUY SOME OF HER CARDS!!!!


Do it or I’ll go on strike and never write in my blog again. At least for a couple of days.


  1. lol, well who am I to keep you from the love of your only relative (minus all the others) that is withholding her love until you bring people to her site...

    I am on my way...

  2. OK, this is Beth, her sister - and I have NO IDEA where Julie got her melodramatic flair! ;-) 14 kids? I'd need more help than a visit to my website would do! And, no, I had no idea Julie would do this - but I appreciate it, lil sis! And, have I mentioned my love is CONDITIONAL? Oops, I mean UNconditional? :-) Much love, BA

  3. teeheehee! ok, already, i'm on my way over.

  4. LOL! Next time I need some pormoting I´ll hire you! :)

    Thanks for the visit to my blog!
    Who knew Mennonites were so common, right?

  5. That was great .. I laughed out loud through the whole thing .. except the cards, because they are beautiful.

    I have never understood how people do that (make beautiful cards, that is). My few attempts always looked like I let a two year old get a hold of the scissors, and then put them together with spit. Not.Pretty.

    If I ever have a need of a beautiful handmade card, now I know where to go! :o)

  6. I'm all about supporting fellow Dr. Pepper addicts. Plus, I love cards. I might even go so far to say that I have something of an addiction. This could get ugly.

  7. But here's the thing...

    My mama is a Stampin' Up Demo. My mama makes cards. For me. All the time. She even makes all 162 of her Christmas cards each year.

    If she saw someone else's cards in my possession she'd be all, "No you dih-int."

    But I still dig Beth. Truly. She is a card-making genius.

  8. Great job Cool Jules! I'm going to go right on over there! There are SO many times I wish I had a nice card to send and today is one of those days! I'll stock up on some to have handy!!

    ps... Did I ever tell you that I have my own company too! ;)

  9. Hmmmmmmm......perhaps Beth could think about doing adoption announcements or cards "family day" or whatever day people celebrate adoption? Just a thought. Her cards are beautiful. Stacey

  10. Beautiful Cards. Your sister is talented.

    I was browsing your site and seen that you love Twilight.. So do I. I just posted about it yesterday..

    Fun, I haven't seen the Movie Companion..I will have to go find one..

  11. Those are such pretty cards! I am in awe of her talent. I can't even get a stamp on an envelope straight, let alone create such beautiful cards.