Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Joy of Watching Bob Ross

So I was channel surfing on the TV the other day, when I came across “The Joy of Painting” on PBS. Holy cow!!! (I thought to myself) I TOTALLY remember being a teenager, laying on the couch in a trance-like state watching Bob Ross and his red-haired afro painting a nice landscape with his soothing voice and his happy trees and his titanium white and van dyke brown. “There’s no mistakes... just happy accidents.” he would tell me each and every week. He would end the show with “Make sure to grab yourself a tall glass of iced tea and join us next time. Happy painting, and God bless.” (with a little wave of his hand) I immediately knew that I must set my Tivo to tape each and every episode.

Now after I had my first full episode recorded, I decided to try it on my kids. I was just certain my oldest would boycott it. But I tried it anyway. The results were amazing. My crazy kids were tackling each other on the couch just moments earlier, but once the show started, they all went into the Bob Ross trance (as I like to call it) and laid back perfectly still, eyes glued to the TV. I need to try this more often!!! At least once every day. Maybe three times a day. Shoot... maybe I need to have a Bob Ross painting marathon all day/every day.

I was in the trance too and could feel my blood pressure drop with each little happy tree he painted. My favorite though is when he uses that painting knife and scrapes it on the canvas. Nearly puts me to sleep every time. Next time I have trouble sleeping, I can just start playing one of his shows and leave the Ambien in the cabinet.

All that’s missing is a glass of red wine. Hmmm... maybe I’ll try that tomorrow.



    Bob Ross is totally in heaven and one day I will sit at his feet and let him talk me to sleep. Yes, I will.

    My husband and I used to nap to Bob Ross. He is so soothing..."happy little trees." It's better than drugs, man.

  2. I just bumped onto this entry by accident, but I too am a Bob Ross fan. He's practically a philosopher/religious figure to me!

    I can't paint a wall, much less a majestic landscape with Happy Little Trees, but I sure do enjoy Bob Ross.

  3. I LOVE BOB ROSS too. I am painting and blogging my way through every episode. Please feel free to visit. I speed up my painting (on video) so I doubt if it will relax your kids, but maybe now that they are older, they may NEED it to be a few minutes rather than 30.

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