Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hell To The No!!!

So Marshall and I were out in the front yard this weekend, taking pictures of Marlie. Well, Marshall was taking the pictures and I was “directing”. Anyway, while we were in our front lawn, our devout Muslim Pakistani neighbor approached me. (yes his nationality and religion are pertinent, bear with me) So our neighbor approaches me and says,

Neighbor: My wife tells me you teach your son school at home.

Me: “Yes I do.

Neighbor: “My wife and I have discussed it and we would like you to also teach our youngest son for 6th and 7th grade, until he can go to the school where our older two kids attend. Right now he’s in 5th grade and you can either start next semester or next fall.

Me: “Uh, no I can’t do that.

Neighbor: (very surprised) “Oh, you can’t???? Because my wife and I discussed it and we thought it was perfect since you live next door and our son can just walk over.

Me: “No, I can’t do it. But I can ask around and see if there is a tutor you can hire to come to your house and teach him.

Why our devout Muslim neighbor would want his devout Christian neighbor to homeschool his son is a complete mystery to me. I still can’t believe he just assumed I’d do it. He did mention that he didn’t care what kind of education he got, just as long as he passed the next two grades so he could move on to the school his other two kids attend.

He then proceeded to pick an armful of persimmons from his tree and handed them to me. And he told me I could take more fruit from his tree anytime I wanted to. Is he trying to bribe me? Obviously he doesn’t know me well or he would have offered me a Dr. Pepper.


On a completely different note: We attended the theme party at our local play gym yesterday evening. It was a pirate theme, which the kids (especially Seamus) loved. Seamus dressed in his pirate costume for the party. He was running around the place, yelling, “Aarrrrrghhh” like any good pirate would do. Some lady comes up to me and says, “Is that your son?”. I proudly said, “Yes”, thinking she was going to tell me how cute he was, but instead she said:

Well, he’s scaring my son, so you need to spank him or something.

Me: “Listen, lady, I don’t know how they do it in your country, but in our country, you don’t go around telling other parents to spank their kids. I’d personally be more concerned about the repercussions of your son having a mother who dresses like a tramp.

Oh, OF COURSE I didn’t actually say that to her! (though I was thinking it) I just asked Seamus to not say “Aarrrrghhh” to her brat son, and I avoided her the rest of the evening.

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