Thursday, November 1, 2007

Did Ya Miss Me?

Hey, did you miss me? You thought I burned up in the fires, huh? Admit it, you did! Well no, actually. My beloved computer died. Nice timing, huh? Apparently my iMac was part of a batch of computers sold over a 3 month span two years ago that had power supply problems. The problem can come on at any time. So after two years of working great, it decided it quit. Dead as a doornail. I’m told that the Apple faeries will fix the problem for free, but picture me carrying my 20” iMac computer through the mall with my three kids. Marlie unleashed??? Not going to happen. And of course it died the week Marshall was working late and then out of town. Not good. Not good at all. The first chance we’ll get to bring it in will be this coming weekend. Then we have to wait for it to be fixed. Then we have to wait until Marshall can accompany me to pick it up. This could take weeks.

You know what happens when you take away a blogging Mama’s ability to blog? Withdrawal. It’s not pretty. Night sweats, nausea, irritability, the shakes.... not a pretty sight. So Marshall had mercy on me and surprised me Wednesday night by coming home with a brand new 24” iMac. Christmas has come early for me!!! Oh and it’s a beauty. TWENTY FOUR INCHES. So here I am blogging again, and it feels great.

You wanna know about our Halloween? Haven was a clone trooper and was as adorable as a kid in a costume with a helmet can be. Seamus was the most awesome pirate I’ve ever seen and Marlie was the cutest little ladybug. (of course I’m biased)

Following the requests of my boys, I carved a pirate ship into our pumpkin instead of the usual pumpkin face. Only took me 4 and 1/2 hours. But the kids who came to the door last night (especially the boys) loved it. One pre-teen boy even proclaimed that I was an artist after he admired our pumpkin. Awww, shucks!

Haven has long been freaked out by Halloween since some idiot teenager jumped out at him, screaming, from behind a bush when he was trick or treating at age 3. This year, finally at age 7, he enjoyed Halloween again. Seamus seriously had so much fun and wants to do this every night now. Marlie loved the attention from all the girls who came to the door but got completely freaked out and would scream and cry when kids wearing scary masks came to the door.

If you’re surprised that a “not-quite-two-year-old” would keep her wings and antennas on, I’ll tell you that not only did she NOT mess with them, she insisted on wearing her entire outfit the rest of the night until bedtime. Such a little girly girl! Seamus also insisted on wearing his pirate outfit until bedtime. Haven was out of his outfit the moment we arrived home.

So there’s the update. I’m back online and it feels so good.

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