Saturday, October 20, 2007


Hey, at least I was trying. I didn’t see any of the other moms asking to doing that. Ok, maybe that’s because I’m crazy. Just maybe. So I was standing there, in my best belly dancing pose. Don’t laugh... I moved up to “intermediate” in my college belly dancing class. I had to pass the beginning class by twirling my veil, clanging my zills (finger cymbals) and shimmying my way across the room in my “routine”. And I assure you I was better than anyone else in the class. Except my best friend Joanna. Our skills were equal. Right Joanna? (digging myself out now) I’m glad there were no videotapes of that, to end up on You Tube. I don’t think. Hmmm.

Oh anyway, I bet you are all wondering what I’m doing holding a big, beautiful snake. Pretty thing, ain’t it? I personally thought its coloring went very nicely with my red hair. I should carry it around more often. Oh right... why the snake...

It was reptile night at the local play gym. Both Haven and Seamus agreed to be the reptile guy’s volunteers at various times during the evening. The reptile guy even asked Marlie to be a volunteer but she gave a clear, “NO!”, though she did enjoy the reptiles.

All three of the kids walked the very fine line between being fascinated and being completely freaked out by the reptiles. Though they did touch most of them. (even Marlie)

And of course at the end, I was the only grown-up who asked to hold the big yellow snake. Eat your heart out Britney Spears. (old Britney, not current Britney)

Anyway, my kids think I’m super cool for doing it. That’s all that matters, right?

Enjoy the pictures. Not sure what’s going on with the reptile guy’s beard. If you ask me, that was scarier than any of the reptiles.

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